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    Biggin Hill Kent (205m often in the low temp league)
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    Sport-History-Films-Walking-people-and of course the weather
  1. Hard to believe but max temps of -6c for a few days in January 1987 for the heat island of the UK Central London and -5c max and nearly a foot of snow CLondon feb 1991 . The suburbs of London Biggin Hill -12c and nearly 2ft of snow with drifts of 18ft at the airport 1987 . It really was a classic with dry powdery snow with almost blizzard like winds Feb 91 was a gentler affair but still very potent. If we can get the Scandi High before Mid Feb then we may be in Business
  2. Mr Data -Help Needed. -Just looked at my old London Weather Book with records of Kew Temps going back to 1841 -Just wondering what the rest of the country was like. Im sure you have covered this but I suppose the odds must a 100 to 1 for a repeat coming up. Record for Kew London 1890/1891 Nov 1890 Max day temp +14.6c Lowest Max temp -3.6c Lowest Min -5.8c (2 Freezing day recorded ) Dec 1890 Max day temp +6.6c Lowest Max temp -5.8c Lowest Min -11.8c (16 Freezing days Recorded) (10 consecutive days below freezing) Nov Mean +6.0c Dec Mean -1.5c January Feb and Marc
  3. biggin hill kent 205m 675 ft (Often in the low temp league)

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