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  1. Really heavy rain here, not looking good for areas prone to flooding.
  2. Yet another virtually snow less winter! 1cm of snow being my biggest snowfall since January 2013, unbelievably bad.
  3. Just had sleet/wet snow in heavier bursts at sea level here in seascale.
  4. Squeeky bum time for the people who live in the bungalows on the beach around here!
  5. The wind is notable here, probably strongest this year and theres no warning for it haha
  6. Couple of spots of rain i think it was, wasnt enough to even wet the ground.
  7. Going to end up missing the ppn by a couple of miles to the north, just wow.
  8. Places in Scotland reporting rain and sleet so if that lump of ppn does arrive then dont expect it to be white
  9. Its a bad sign if Damian isnt even posting, he's usually very optomistic in even in very marginal conditions.
  10. Just had a light/moderate shower here, sleet in the moderate burst about 2M ASL.
  11. This made me chuckle, probably get 1 winter in 50 were we get more snow on the west coast than east.
  12. Im JUST about in the MetO updated warning zone by the skin of my teeth for today and tomorrow which is a bit more promising, be nice to see snow falling.
  13. Witness 65mph winds on average about 10 times a year so doesnt really interest me until its forecast to be above 75mph. High tides though so might have a wander down the beach.
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