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  1. wow, how many times do the snow warnings look exactly like that?
  2. Woke up to a very slight slushy covering on the grass but its heavy sleet/rain now, that extra 50M is serving you well Osca.
  3. Unbelievable seeing places 5 miles north plastered in snow yet its absolutely peeing down here.
  4. Been snowing here for about 30 minutes but turning sleety now, layed slightly on the grass
  5. I think we had a good fall new years eve 2000, about 4-5" maybe
  6. Last time there was over 6" here was Feb 1996, also havent had more than 8cm since March 2006 when we got about 12cm id imagine, absolutely dire, Cornwall get more snow.
  7. Same here, would be a very unexpected snowfall if it were to make it over the pennines and the fells but will be going for a walk up a fell tomorrow to see the beautiful snow glistening in the clear blue skies.
  8. Very annoying how much the showers lose intensity as soon as they hit land.
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