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    Cold and snowy Winters, Warm and settled in spring, hot/warm and thunderstorms in Summer, Severe Gales in Autumn and FISHING
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  1. rained that much last night that the river Ehen was close to bursting its banks, such a wet summer
  2. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Crap summer and the Met Office are useless!
  3. No T&L surprise, surprise but the wind was quite impressive
  4. yep and lets not forget about last winter, they forecasted easterlies with sleet and snow but were miles off.
  5. did the same not happen in winter as well when they forecasted cold but turned out above average?
  6. just look at the radar we were a good 40 miles away from were the core was so not surprising really.
  7. yawnfest here, 1 rumble of thunder and a bit of rain, about average for a t-storm here though, there always weak as pish
  8. And I expect it to be the only one because the radars looking crap for here, even the rains only moderate-heavy at best, must live in the most predictable location in the U.K, no storms no snow no proper heat no proper cold, just wind, rain and a bit of sun if I'm lucky.
  9. Finally a rumble of thunder
  10. Nowt here except from very light rain
  11. Not expecting anything more than a few rumbles and heavy rain, normally weaken when they get here
  12. Stunning today, blue skies, low 20's so far and a nice warm breeze, perfect.
  13. Yep another lovely day, tomorrow looks like a proper summers day though with temps a good 6c higher than today.
  14. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Well it depends were you live, IMBY it's been pretty poor, the further south and east you go it gets much better.
  15. Lovely day with blue skies but just wish it would be warmer with lighter winds