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    Cold and snowy Winters, Warm and settled in spring, hot/warm and thunderstorms in Summer, Severe Gales in Autumn and FISHING
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  1. It's also raining again
  2. No snow here even on local fells around 300M asl but can see some on the higher mountains further south. Done well there Moki
  3. Turned to rain
  4. Pretty heavy sleet here!
  5. Pouring down
  6. No snow here, got up to check at 3am and was pouring down.
  7. Moderate rain, no sleetiness whatsoever
  8. The tosh part you mean
  9. Heavy rain/hail
  10. Yep, i see the local fells every day about 300M ASL, and they haven't been white once this winter, unbelievably poor.
  11. Raining here at Sellafield
  12. Looks like there's some ppn over Egremont, too bad I'm at Sellafield were its dry, probably rain any ways.
  13. Just frost here, still yet to see one snowflake imby.
  14. Seriously? its miles off,
  15. If they accepted bets like this I would be a very rich man