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    West Cumbria, Egremont 58m (190.3ft) ASL
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    Cold and snowy Winters, Warm and settled in spring, hot/warm and thunderstorms in Summer, Severe Gales in Autumn and FISHING
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    Cold/snow winter, Warm/hot summer, Thunderstorms, Severe Gales

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  1. Crazy how much rain we've had in the last 4 weeks, the river hasn't been far off breaking its banks on numerous occasions.
  2. Decent storm overhead before, torrential rain and a few cc lightning strikes lighting up the sky and some really loud thunder.
  3. Annoys me how the proper intense thunderstorms go through eastern/central cumbria and misses me everytime.
  4. Seen a few flashes and loud thunder now, rains not as heavy as the radar suggests.
  5. Quite a lot of flashing here but very elevated i think, not much thunder.
  6. Well I've seen a few about 20 flashes, its IC lightning and quite elevated i think, not very loud, not an expert on thunderstorms though.
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