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    West Cumbria, Egremont ( snow dome ) 58m / 190.3ft asl
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    Cold and snowy Winters, Warm and settled in spring, hot/warm and thunderstorms in Summer, Severe Gales in Autumn and FISHING
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  1. Well that takes the snow falling days up to three, started to lay on the grass on two of those days then stopped.
  2. Not even sticking to cars its that wet
  3. Sticking above 150M looking at the hills
  4. Snowing again herelooks like there was an area of no ppn over me for a while
  5. Turning to rain already
  6. south west coast of cumbria got absolutely pasted down to sea level, north of sellafield there was nothing at all because of a big rain shadow, that event scarred me for life. IOM also got the most since 1963 apparently
  7. South east is better not central and southwest along the coast
  8. i think my location is worse for snow tbh
  9. it has been quite cold but barely any snow again, and cold without snow is a waste imo. 14/15 was poor for snow though, i managed a dusting at midnight which was all melted within 2 hours
  10. 5 super duper winters on the bounce
  11. We would get monster showers if Ireland didn't exist
  12. The hills around here are still proper white above say 150M so very close to a good snowfall