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    Cold and snowy Winters, Warm and settled in spring, hot/warm and thunderstorms in Summer, Severe Gales in Autumn and FISHING
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  1. Was awoken by a half decent storm early this morning, lasted for about an hour, id say there was about 30 rumbles and flashes, no where near as active as the i.o.m storm but cant complain as its the first storm of the year.
  2. Can see flashes looking west now and again from the i.o.m storm but no thunder, never seen lightning without thunder before infact its the first time ive seen lightning this year. Would be a good show from the coast id imagine, not a great view from here, too many trees and houses in the way.
  3. Finally! After last nights moan ive just heard a couple of distant rumbles.
  4. Its as crap for thunderstorms here as it is for snow, totally diabolical uniteresting weather all the time.
  5. Would be nice to see some T&L, havent seen any so far this year.
  6. The ppn was no where near as heavy as the radar suggested. All we got was light/moderate rain.
  7. Wind has really picked up last half hour and few spots of rain coming down.
  8. Its even pouring down at 300M ASL with no hint of sleet. Ive noticed the Euro4 model has performed really badly this winter when it comes to forcasting PPN type, numerous times it has forcasted snow this winter for me when all i got was rain, in past winters it rarely gave snow for here and it was a lot more accurate. Im sure its been tweaked to favour snow.
  9. Heavy rain and no hint of sleetiness although i am at work about 100 meters from the sea haha.
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