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  1. Indeed. Humans plugging in algorithms that reach the wrong answers even quicker than the humans can.
  2. Some cells now developing across the far north of Greater London clipping SW Essex and Herts...should be an interesting afternoon...
  3. Some convective rainfall sparking up in NE London/SW Essex/S Herts right now out of nothing....
  4. Well in our sunny corner of SW Essex we haven't been in the direct firing line for storms so far this summer, although we have had some epic torrential downpours. Am hopeful for Friday night in particular when, according to the Netweather Thunderstorm risk charts, it's meant to be the closing act on this mini-heatwave. Just purchased an oscillating tower fan online which I'll be picking up this evening. Could make the difference between a sleepless night and a restless one instead!
  5. Covered in a lovely thin but appreciated blanket of snow here in SW Essex, first since March 2013 :-)
  6. Can someone please kindly advise when the 12z GFS model starts rolling out? Thanks in advance...