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  1. I had one of these before and it seemed to do the job... Weather Station I liked it because you could position the different sensors in different places (i.e. the wind sensors should be as high as possible, but temperature sensor should be 2m off the ground). It worked well until I moved house and the removal people smashed all the cups off the anemometer! The temperature always seemed to be fairly accurate (unless it got really hot in the summer, but I think that was to do with where it was positioned).
  2. I'd settle for that Even far SW of Cornwall gets in on the action (if that verifies!).
  3. Evening all So some of us might be lucky enough to finally see some snow!! Think it's been almost two years since we've had anything of note here! Some talk of the possibility of some colder weather next week too... Hopefully it will come to fruition!
  4. What will winter 2011/12 bring?... Another cold one, or just average?

  5. is not liking the look of the forecast for the weekend at the moment... Rain for the South West... Pah!

  6. Is this snow coming or not?!?! :-p

  7. is waiting for the next batch of snow to arrive!

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