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    Staplecross, East Sussex / Kent borders. 100m ASL.
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    Snow, frost, spring mornings, warm sunny days, doggies. Hate mud.

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  1. Good work Lassie. And my holiday booking was much as predicted too: Posted 02 January 2015 - 21:35 lassie23, on 02 Jan 2015 - 20:05, said: Two things to note here. We are flying out to Cuba on 29-Jan, going on holiday without a child for the first time for nearly 20 years, so tornadoes, blizzards and pestilence will be rained down on Gatwick on that day. We will also inevitably miss all the snow over the following fortnight. Though I'll be sorry to miss the fun, I'll raise a mojito or 72 to the forum
  2. The snowfest should be arriving as I'm about to go on holiday. So, blizzards for Thursday morning (flight's at 11.30 from LGW, delayed, obviously) followed by several beautiful weeks of snow for all you lovelies, which will have turned to slush when we get back on 17-Feb. If it wasn't for the lobster and unlimited mojitos...
  3. The blobs from the Channel seem to be getting destroyed when they hit land. Almost cold enough here now with temp at 1.3c and DP at 1c (my Oregon weather thingy only does round numbers for DP, but recently dropped from 2c). Just need it to get past the coast.
  4. Well done, you may join the Legrandefromage (and me, and many others) club of getting somewhat toasted whilst waiting for weather. LGF had a small (!) incident with late night gardening in unsuitable clothing. Not me. Never. Cheers!
  5. Wow, impressive on the DP front (please DON'T google that ). Stuck at 2c DP here, temp now 2.2c. You're even further into the SE corner than me, so who knows? An early call was made for our bit to miss the PPN and see cold overnight temps, though 2.2c doesn't feel too warm anyway. At least Jo got her heating back, though bottled gas is not a bargain, I believe.
  6. 1.7C here, DP 2C. But then I suspect we got our (brief) snow enjoyment this morning. I hope some others in the region get to have a go! I'm extremely envious of the chap who was actually able to go sledging. Too little snow / too much mud here for any chance of that without a decent covering.
  7. I think the far SE corner may get some clear skies overnight which could see the temps drop a few degrees. Dunno about you, but it's only 2.3c here now under dull skies.
  8. OK. Thanks for letting me know. I'll wait until I have a better video I think. Just have to dig out the youtube account....
  9. 20_Jan_15.mp4 (Second attempt, though I'm not convinced it merited the work by site admin etc!) EDIT: Ah, it doesn't come in a frame. Sorry, think this may be beyond my extremely limited technical ability.
  10. Not as cold a night as elsewhere in the region and only down to -1.6c, currently at zero. We've had snow of various sizes for about an hour which has just about covered the ground. I think it's almost over, though there is another blob heading into Eastbourne / Hastings. At least I've seen some snow, even if it would take the entire driveway to make a small snowball (I know, my son tried!). I have a short video but the uploader says that mp4 files aren't allowed...does anyone have any idea what format is permitted? Thanks.
  11. The boy just came back from in inaugural ride on his CBR125 and had to warm his nads at the woodburner. Not a pretty sight. 2.3C here, but the windchill on the bike must have made the difference. He is a bike addict...no interest in cars and heading for the full bike licence via all the ridiculous stages. Poor sod. Passed mine on a RD200 in 1980, hehe.
  12. Beautiful frosty morning which sends the doggies wild for some reason. I think their sense of smell is heightened somehow. Nice morning for sorting out the one fallen tree in our bit of woods and our neighbours which had fallen onto his fence. Rained lightly afterwards. We had a few minutes of very wet sleet about an hour ago, but we were never really due anything in the far SE corner. Frontal snow is not usually an option here, only the streamers from ENE do the business. Amazing when they come. I'm delighted that some people have seen a bit of snow. Piccies please.
  13. Yeah, barstewards nicked my little snow graphic (light only) for Sunday afternoon. Just light rain all day now. Chilly though throughout the 5-day forecast period, so there's hope maybe for later in the week.
  14. A real warning-fest on the MetO app. Even have lightning for Friday lunchtime. Plague of frogs for Saturday.
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