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  1. Oh, OK, maybe different radars make the direction look different too. I was only looking at rainfall on NW. I suspect I'll not be awake to find out either way. Have a good evening all.
  2. Not convinced we'll get a whole bunch down in our tucked-away corner with the ENE trajectory. Just drizzly stuff here so far and some decent gusts.
  3. Sorry, my mistake. I went to all the trouble of converting from what I thought was kph only to now see that it's already in mph. I stand corrected.
  4. Looks like 40-45mph or so along the south coast and where the reds are darker on the map. Somewhat less for the far SE corner and East Anglia at 35-40mph. These are gust windspeeds so the constant wind will be quite a bit less. Definitely a bit breezy though. EDIT: See below...gusts up to 70mph. Sorry, thought the map was in kmph. Very breezy then.
  5. That area of lightning in north/central France is pretty amazing. 450 strikes per minute near Dijon. Really cutting the mustard (I'll get my coat). Don't think it's heading this way, however.
  6. Yes, mine too. Currently showing 06:15. Raintoday.co.uk still works though.
  7. Really? You don't think that some of the radar and chart watchers here aren't doing a better job? Especially locally? Maybe we have a better class of amateur here then.
  8. Yesterday was just lovely. Headed up to Broadstairs (not quite how I remember it from as a child in the 1970s) on a cloudless day. Today, a couple of hours of medium intensity rain and now the sun's out, but it's feeling rather sticky. On the Met Office front, their Mobile apps and PC widgets have been absolutely hopeless this year for my area. The independent forecasters have done a much better job around here, and the netweather amateurs generally even better. It costs £100m's a year of taxpayer money to run...it needs to get the weather right, and if it can't, it should go back to the wonderful magnet things from the 80s, or maybe look out of the window occasionally.
  9. Totally overcast all day here, with occasional drizzle and light rain. All homemade local stuff which appeared from nowhere and isn't moving anywhere at all. 'Orrible.
  10. Quite agree BW. If the Met Office had forecast the opposite of what they predicted, they'd have been a lot nearer to the actual weather. Thanks to all the amateur forecasters on here...you have been great. Cheaper than the MetO too
  11. Looks like almost a pure northerly direction at the moment, so the extreme west of our region. There is another growing lump of intense-looking activity south of Caen which puts the south-east much more in the firing line. A good few hours before it gets here though, I think. Maybe 5-6 hours until landfall and then the same again up to your way, BW, if it makes it that far. Very wet second half of the night and morning here. Even at 2am, when the rain had started, the MetO widget was saying dry for the rest of the night and all day today. Not impressive at all. Currently 16.1c and 98% humidity. Welcome to the rain forest.
  12. Warmed up quickly from the 7.5c first thing. Now 17.5c and sunny, though the skies are quite white rather than blue. Infernal wind has dropped right off, so looks like a good'un.
  13. The bright blob on the channel has a lot of lightning in it. Headed for the extreme south-east. Ahooooy there Alexis...
  14. Looks like it's just going to glance off the far south-east corner judging by the trajectory on the radar. MetO app is still forecasting heavy rain from lunchtime onwards though, at least IMBY. You're another 30 miles or so east, so who knows?
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