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  1. There wont be any snow in Reading tonight, think that's pretty obvious.
  2. But dying out, two hours ago, way more intense, now not so much. not taking the right track anyway so not sure what the fuss is about. If there's lying snow from it by morning I'll happily eat my own 5 hit
  3. but it's pretty visible for all to see that it is dying out! it's not like it's a secret lol
  4. no it's quite clearly losing ppn associated- you can see on the last hour of radar frames how weak it is now, there won't be anything of it left by the time it reaches these ares which would be hours away.
  5. the low coming down looks to be doing a good job of fazing out now
  6. Only if you're a benefit scrounger... if you pay tax, it certainly isn't free!
  7. Lol you enjoy watching rain all night fall under a lampost...each to their own and all that!
  8. Nope...it currently gets dark at 4.45pm - the next time that will happen will be 27th October which is just over 9 months away from this point. Happy days, bring on the daylight! looking forward to when they roll those clocks on another hour and extend BST. going to happen within the next 4 or 5 years.
  9. Other than a brief heavy downpour today could be mistaken for a lovely spring day. warm in the sun, nice and bright, roll on March!
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