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  1. Home weather station was showing 39.6c and was shooting up......until I realised someone had gone out and moved sensor which was now in direct sun !! When do the kids go back to school :)
  2. Freezing rain and now Ice pellets. Temp -3.1c. Everything cased in ice and roads, paths etc. are lethal. A20 just up from here is closed between Charing and Lenham due to blown snow across the road and drifting. Be careful out there !
  3. Heavier flurry here now. Lovely chunky flakes. Was not expecting anything this afternoon so a nice bonus. Temp continues to fall away slowly. Now down to -3.8c. Nr Charing on north downs, kent
  4. Been out for a bit of sledging with the kids. Strong wind starting to drift snow. In places drifts were well over knees. A few light flurries whilst out too which was a surprise but radar now showing a few little blobs around Kent ☺ temp falling away Dow.to -3.3c from a 'max' of -2.1c earlier.
  5. Wonderful sunny day but bitter and wind getting up starting to blow the snow around. Measured 18cm yesterday pm and then another 5cm yesterday evening from a few v heavy showers but nothing since and not expecting anything more at least for today here in mid Kent (nr charing). Temp -2.2c currently. Last night min was around -8c but seen posts suggesting as low as -14c or so in parts of Kent last night.
  6. No real melt at all here today even in the sunshine this p.m. maxed out at -0.2c around 1pm and down to -0.8c now. No additional snow since late morning but measured level depth of 18cm earlier. Time to make the kids (well for me anyway) an igloo !
  7. Still chucking it down here (between Charing and Lenham on north downs). Must be nearing 20cm. Great stuff !
  8. Temp now highest it's been all day. +2.7c Lovely period of heavy snow around 4pm but then just rain. Here's hoping for something overnight
  9. Interested to know what current temperature people are recording. Its risen slowly here up to +2.2c at present
  10. Heavy chunky snow now here near charing on north downs and just showing signs of settling tho still v wet. Temp falling steadily. Currently 0.9c
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