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  1. I see the south west London snow shield is still functioning possibly the least snowy part of the south east. 🤣
  2. Yes indeed the thaw is on! Every time I look out the window there's just a little less snow. Good to see the Teddington snow shield was breached this cold spell, even if we were on the edge of the action for the most of the time. To far west for the easterly steamers too far west for the west country storm. Here's to a cracking summer with lots of t-storms!
  3. Hey - Perhaps some snow us! I suspect the Teddington snow shield has just been serviced though!
  4. Watching that area of dandruff slide to the west of us here in Teddington. Maybe some more on the way?
  5. Was there a covering at 4?missed that darn. Snowing again now. Very wet though. First falling snow seen in 23 months.
  6. Happy Friday all. Was a damp cold walk to the station this morning. The worst kind of weather IMO. Teddington snow shield at 110%. Some dark clouds near Wimbledon.
  7. The lightest of rain showers here! Thought I saw a flake but maybe I was imagining it.
  8. I think the system has been delayed slightly, run this on 6 - 8 hours and I think the winds would be stronger over the south and east, NAE only goes up to 06:00 on Monday at the moment.
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