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  1. Pretty impressed with the new alcohol guidelines. It means I can bust my weekly limit on both Saturday and Sunday and not feel too drunk! I'll drink to that!

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    2. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      Used to drink pretty much every night when in twenties like all other youngsters mostly do. Lucky if I have a drink twice a year now, but to be honest I have never really liked the taste of booze that much. Would much rather have a lemonade lol.

    3. Dami


      After a good few years ending my saturday nights speaking on the white phone to God and getting chucked out of night clubs, I have better things to do. :nonono:

    4. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      I was accidentally exaggerating; less than 14 units per day...

  2. A few people seem to have had too many lager tops this evening...:wink:

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C


    3. four seasons in one day
    4. Mokidugway


      Gin and tonic , lagers for the football top brigade :ball-santa-emoji:

  3. Note to oneself. If cooking, with the intention of freezing some for later consumption, make sure you label the container...

    Was looking forward to lamb casserole last night, but instead had rabbit stew (which was quite bony too) I didn't notice until it was microwaved either.

  4. Fantastic Andy Murray, especially the last point. Arise Sir Andy?

  5. Was in a hotel bar in Ross on Wye this afternoon and some Spanish (I think) bloke came in and asked if he could bring in his own bottle of tequila to swig! The bar lady politely refused. Pretty unbelievable!

  6. The cheat doesn't prosper. Yay!!!

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    2. Snow phall

      Snow phall

      Bolt just hasn't been caught yet,just like the williams sisters.Angel Heredia,who helped Bolt become a success,was the man who doped justin Gatlin years ago.

      I wouldn't mind if they had an olympics just for steroid users,but when the cheats compete against clean athletes,whats the point?

    3. D.V.R


      Stop the speculating and show us actual evidence.

    4. Snow phall

      Snow phall

      The evidence will only come when they get caught,like other cheats.

      Actually,i don't even care about sports.it's pathetic really,who gives a damn about who is the fastest or the best.

  7. To Karyo. Antwerp is excellent - a lot better than I was expecting - and worth a long weekend trip. :)

    1. karyo


      Hey Steve, I have also just returned from there. Beautiful place. Hoping to go again.

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      Excellent! I saw your post, regarding a trip, last week (probably saw it too late) I've just come back from a stag party. Could have done with a couple more days and slightly less frantic. I'm now shattered.

    3. karyo


      I know what you mean. So many things t do and see. From the point I arrived at the central station and looked around I knew it was going to be a great weekend :-)

  8. Glad to see that Daniel Pelka's 'mother' has shuffled off her mortal coil, however the domineering true perpetrator remains... Turn the effer into a mental cabbage, however done, in his next few decades of incarceration please.

  9. Butter inadvertently left all day in the Sun (utterly spreadable by the evening - fantastic!) - used for sandwiches, but now back in the fridge. 2lb of strawberries, slightly past their best (eaten with single cream, for health purposes...) Strawberry brown fudge in a couple of hours.... :D

    1. Mokidugway


      I like to spread a bit of butter on the wife in the morning :0....

  10. Weather mediocrity has resumed... I hope things improve by the time of the School Holidays, so our tourism industry receives a fillip. :)

    1. Mokidugway


      Weeks of moribundo to go :(..

  11. Good news with the Azelle Rodney verdict. :) Too much time is spent pandering to scum in this country IMO.

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      And I didn't really watch Life on Mars either, although I know it was like a time travelling detective thingee.

    3. Mokidugway


      That's pretty much the gist of it :)..

    4. Steve C

      Steve C

      Ah, okay. :)

  12. Thinking more and more that the BBC should be consigned to history.

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      My local has always sunrise/sunset times..

      I'm confused.. anyway I'm glad for channels where programmes are not plastered in adverts, just been abroad and their selection of TV is worse

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yeah I'm pretty sure it's been like that for a while.

      And yes, I am grateful for the BBC. Long may it continue.

    4. Daniel*


      Tunisian TV is horrible

  13. RIP Chris Mantle. One of the co-founders of the SE Snow Cup and a truly fine gentleman. You'll be sorely missed. :( :(

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    2. Lauren


      Oh how very sad. Cancer is evil.

    3. cheese


      It's scary how a person can appear totally healthy and then in a few short months they can be dead. Makes you realise how fragile life is, and how quickly it can be taken away. I look forward to the day that cancer is gone for good.

    4. gottolovethisweather


      Sad news, one of those guys I met on one of my very rare forum members meetups, condolences to all connected with him.

  14. I wonder if Ronaldo asked his agent to say that about him? Wouldn't surprise me.

    1. jtay


      Has he come out?

    2. Summer Sun
    3. Dancerwithwings


      I'm the best all time sportsman ever that's ever lived...and I'm worth one BILLION euros...DELUDED!!!!

  15. I wish the media would stop referring to the vermin as martyrs. Murder / suicide seems a much more appropriate description of their acts to me.

  16. Why do people say 'great call by (insert name)' with charts that are a long time out from possibly verifying?

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    2. Barry12


      it will be cold next week coz da strat furic will be warm and it be warm in greenland

    3. Daniel*


      True but SteveM was a lonely figure amongst the hustle and bustle. Grade A* student Barry ;)

    4. Barry12


      Thanks Daniel, i fink if we get air from the north pole it might snow

  17. The wind is howling around the house, on this very dark evening. If it wasn't so mild, it'd feel properly wintry!

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      It's about 13C outside at the moment. It'll be a shock at Christmas and more so soon after (probably...)

    3. lassie23


      My hazel nut tree is still shedding its leaves and budding at the same time!

    4. Eugene


      Yeah a shock it'll still be 13C at christmas

  18. Nice to see Recretos posting on the Model Thread. To me he's the new Glacier Point and Netweather should properly sign him up. You know it makes sense.

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    2. lassie23


      general practitioner?

    3. Bluebreezer54


      Why would Steve C be trying to reason with me Lassie ?

    4. lassie23


      getting upset over nothing

  19. Looking forward to GFS(P) coming back on Monday. :)

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Same we'll be able to see the snow depth in a clearer detail ;)

  20. It's a pity there's no Black Friday at my local. ;-)

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      Drinking at home doesn't do a lot for me.

    3. Lauren


      Funnt how there's no Black Friday on fuel, food, energy etc. Hmmmmmm

    4. lassie23


      There is on food at my Morrisons!

  21. Reading some of the postings on the Model Discussion Thread reminds me of the old Vince Cable joke - the one about him predicting 17 of the last 2 recessions..

    1. lassie23


      Has the cold vanished from the models yet?

    2. gottolovethisweather


      what came first, the chicken or the egg.

  22. Definitely not a 'mild mush' day here today. Lovely!

    1. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

    2. lassie23


      I'm having a Magnum Almond!:-)

    3. lassie23
  23. Looking forward to some quiet autumnal weather, with the leaves changing colour. I guess it might be spectacular, as long as gales don't ruin the spectacle, for the same reason that fruit and vegetables have done so well this year?

    1. Yarmy


      Very much this. Already some vivid colours in evidence. If the Atlantic can be held at bay, there should be great scenery in Oct.

  24. Maybe, in the run up to November 5th, the old tradition of 'penny for the guy' should be reintroduced, but perhaps made more up to date and relevant? How about 'pound coin for the Alex'? I'd give a few quid for the efforts of such children . :)

    1. frogesque


      Last I heard beinga democratically elected First Minister was not treasonable lol

      If you want a good laugh complete with a big bang look what happened when when Richard Hammond blew up a replica HoP

  25. A chicken donner / lamb donner combination kebab, washed down with one of those plant sterol yoghurt drinks. Just the thing for a Friday night! ;)

    1. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb

      I can understand eating the Kebab but washing it down with a yoghurt drink rather spoils it imo

    2. lassie23


      Evens out the cholesterol, until you are left with a cholesterol free dinner!

    3. Jax


      WOW! living the dream LOL ;)

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