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  1. You are certainly that.
  2. First time I've seen this since Sunday, as I've not been on this site. Hopefully I can change my settings to not see these message notifications, as I've way more important things to do than to get involved, or have a public debate, with a very small audience. However I felt the need to respond to the 'red flag'... However please feel free to PM me, if you really want to carry on. This isn't as aggressive as it might sound.
  3. But I don't spend many hours down the pub spouting the same views (but quoting numerous different sources, which I'd spent ages researching) I'd not be at all popular. I'd be the pub bore. I relax with friends at the pub. Sent from the pub...
  4. Well it's obviously your choices. I just find it a bit bemusing. Horses for courses.
  5. I find it amazing that people dedicate so much time to write these enormous essays and get into really hot under the collar arguments on small and relatively insignificant subsets of a weather forum, as if it'll make a blind bit of difference to many non participant's opinions. Hardly anyone will even know these arguments exist. Still it's your choices. It just seems faintly ridiculous to me. All I wanted to say is how different we must be to Americans, even if we sometimes describe them as 'American Cousins' There has been enough said about Trump, Cruz doesn't seem much more than a religious nut and Rubio absolutely oozes smarm to me, in a way that our politicians would struggle to emulate, even if they tried. These people would get nowhere here IMHO. It just illustrates our cultural difference, I suppose.
  6. Sorry and agree, especially if precipitation is constant.
  7. Barnet blizzard could be a euphemism for severe dandruff... After all, his location is mentioned as York.
  8. I think the BBC just want a scapegoat because by far the biggest wrong 'un didn't face justice and they were easily the most culpable organisation in enabling his disgusting behaviour. On the facts known at this point, this seems a disgraceful decision. I'm beginning to think the BBC is a waste of a licence fee. Frankly I'd rather spend the money down the pub.
  9. Really? Sounds over fussy, frankly.
  10. Got to laugh really, but my local team hasn't won a league game since before my birthday, which was on 21/10! Luckily I stopped seeing them a couple of years ago, or the gallows humour might not be so much in evidence.
  11. Four more months of this 5h^t... While I'm aware I'm wishing my life away, roll on 24th June, whatever the result! Edit. To clarify, I'm not insulting the thread, it's just the media saturation we're going to have to endure...
  12. No blows landed on Cameron in the debate today - in fact he easily dealt with all questions. If that was the best that 'out' MPs can produce, there's only a very small chance we'll be leaving, IMHO.
  13. Hehe, maybe WH has confirmed my suspicions!
  14. Although I'm firmly in the leave camp, I'm not sure that Boris is going to be the great asset the leave campaign hopes. His demeanour bugs me, unfortunately. Aside from his playing up to the non buffoon, does he naturally have a stoop / slight hunchback, or (as I suspect) is he consciously or unconsciously trying to look 'Churchillian'?
  15. Normally I'd want Arsenal to finish above Spurs, but I don't want Whinger to get anything now. I found him really annoying when Southampton beat Arsenal 4-0 over Christmas, when he made excuses for three of the goals (offside, fouls etc.) I watched the game and 4-0 was an absolutely fair score based on the teams' performances. I just thought it showed total sour grapes on his part and just how disingenuous he is. I just wish he'd retire. At one time I liked him too! It'd be fantastic if the Foxes won the PL too. The last time I looked, the odds were about 7/4, so although favourites, they are still an outside bet. If they get to better than evens, then I'll believe. It'd be the greatest story in the history of the PL, IMHO, especially with individuals personal stories, such as Jamie Vardy and even Ranieri!