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  1. No point in moaning .. think all of us in the Purbecks have come to expect it over the years anyway! 😁
  2. Many thanks for that! .. that'll do for me! .. Fascinating regularly checking into the model output! .. I'm getting there deciphering my ECM's amongst GEFS's and my FL, undercuts and of course the good ole Scandi high! A code of your own but love it! 😁
  3. Haven't got a clue what they're all talking about, but still fascinating reading the sheer excitement from the amateur forecasters on the model output thread! By the sounds of it the latest charts are throwing up some seriously cold and prolonged wintry weather across all parts towards the end of next week! .. manic in there! .. worth a visit!
  4. Oh well .. better get the Poole, Bournemouth and Purbeck snow shield out then! Guess we'll just see our normal predictable rain as always! 😂
  5. Poole Harbour snow shield now activated and doing what it does best .. turning anything that falls within 5 miles of it's entire perimeter to rain! ?
  6. Wow! If this area below the Purbecks, Dorset makes landfall here then maybe red warning maybe extended further east?
  7. Wareham golf course! Our playground where all the kids went during the great snow event of 1978! Everyone from Northmoor congregated there! Be good to see a snow event like that again! ?
  8. Same Here! Power cut as well now! No way I'll sleep now .. weather radar chart looking to exciting!
  9. Great! Power cut in the village has just occurred and snow event not here yet! All adding to the excitement!. Weather radar showing heavy precipitation just leaving France heading over channel towards us - Corfe Castle, Dorset!
  10. the Isle of Purbeck,Dorset....rainfall radar teasing us again!

  11. has not set their status

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