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    Sunset at Saltburn

    Amazing to see the sunset at the eastcoast! Such a nice perspective. Starting to like saltburn more than Whitby at moment.
  2. Amazing scenes Good Friday!

    © craighirstphotography

  3. Imagine if all the signals go against an easterly then boom BFTE out of no where!
  4. Yeah was lovely to watch! Nice fat flakes then powder snow towards the end. Not bad for 1-2cm in 20 minutes.
  5. I still think February will throw more surprises into March
  6. Heavy thick flakes here now. Could be a good half hour of this
  7. Keep watching those showers south of the Humber out to sea. Energy is transferring northwards if you go back an hour
  8. Be amazing if it is. Cheers mate! But looks like we're all going to get in on the action soon. Look at this energy transferring northwards.
  9. Nice scenes this morning! Hope everyone gets a beefy shower today!
  10. Magic -5c here with freezing fog. Not bad for a NW cold spell.
  11. On the day it can still move 50miles north or south so we're not out of the woods yet!
  12. The mood in here just sums up how frustrating this winter has been! Fingers crossed for surprises tomorrow for Thursdays snow and February!
  13. Also helps being in the colder boundary compared to southern counties
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