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  1. Amazing here! Below 50m and it's managed this! Classic evaporative cooling
  2. Is that for all of Yorkshire?
  3. Looks like a southward correction to me
  4. Still holding on to the snow cover in the garden
  5. Average depth was 10cm with bigger drifts. Way better than beast 1. Winds were much stronger and mental white out conditions! What a March this has been!
  6. Nope but been saying the ppn has been pepped up from the south and now humber area is starting to fill up. Ties in with the met office forecast
  7. I said all day this would happen! Amber warning in place now!!
  8. Rewind radar and look how the ppn is boosting up from the south Lincolnshire
  9. Looks like the band is moving back south!
  10. that system from the south east is pepin up the shower activity around Lincolnshire
  11. Looks like a new streamer is building inline with the Humber out in the north sea
  12. That gap south of Sheffield is filling up again! Fax charts shows the streamer to organise more towards midnight.
  13. Just look at those showers!!!
  14. You think it's looking good for once for us in Doncaster John? Starting to settle now
  15. I'm in the middle of this streamer!!!!
  16. Mental shower here! Snapchat-2129651410.mp4
  17. I got to admit all this snow now is a big bonus before later on!
  18. Can't believe this is just updated now for Doncaster!
  19. Only on cars and roofs. Temp is 0.6c and dew of 0c
  20. Heavy snow here below 40m asl
  21. Nice moderate snow here too!
  22. Really hope so! Waxed up my snowboard just incase!
  23. Of all people you deserve it the most with the luck you've had mate
  24. That's good news. It isn't event ment to turn at low ground until 12am
  25. I don't believe it still until it happens pit. Looks like 2010 streamer though on forecast