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  1. Storm is around 15 miles away but wind is so gusty at Doncaster!
  2. Amazing views from Doncaster!
  3. Close lightning strikes here in Doncaster!
  4.  This is now in Doncaster on low elevation and still all snow falling.
  5. Still snowing heavy here and settling a Tad more!
  6. It's snowing heavy here now trying to settle again!
  7. Can't beleive ive woke up to this!! I'm only 49m above Sea level!!
  8. not bad for 49m high ground
  9. Big flakes and getting heavier. Evaporation cooling is making it settle on low ground now
  10. Not bad at all Just needs to settle
  11. Heavier here now wow
  12. Just shame it's too warm to settle well. Bigger flakes here
  13. Moderate snow now :-)
  14. It's snowing in Doncaster and coming down quite nicely