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  1. 2010 streamers next Tuesday anyone?
  2. This was 1st December 2010. Gfs 18z shows better setup so could this be beaten? 😨
  3. This setup could beat 2010 if these charts keep showing!
  4. For everyone in here, who remembers this day!!!!
  5. IF these charts happen then Yorkshire will be PASTED. Beautiful ECM And for those worried about snow check these streamers setting up homing for Yorkshire. Great trends!
  6. GFS 18z solid run again! Best chart Yorkshire could have! This would top 2010 if it happens like this.
  7. If this all turns out to go smoothly like ECM 12Z then this would be the best Birthday present I've ever had for 1st March 😁 Fingers crossed everyone!
  8. Is it settling? Great for the eastern side of Yorkshire and Lincs to get snow!
  9. Hull will get a dusting tonight!
  10. Hornsea about to get a big surprise!!!
  11. it's snowing here! Nice and light but can clearly see the flakes!
  12. Yes I do 😂. If only 😁🤞
  13. Looks like the band is delayed now. This is 12pm. Was this supposed to reach this point by 9am?
  14. This could be the reason why the decaying band tomorrow picks up energy over the north sea?