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  1. Looking good up on the moors
  2. Bit steady up here on Blakey!
  3. GFS 6Z Yorkshire snow storm any one???!
  4. Thank you mate! we're below 50m asl and snow is getting heavier. Was 3c last night and now it's 0.5c and dew point -0.2c. so close
  5. There's snow here! such a surprise
  6. Winds more south East now!
  7. Still very please to have the met and bbc Paul Hudson make a forecast stating the risk to lower levels at such an early spell and it's not even winter yet
  8. Storm is around 15 miles away but wind is so gusty at Doncaster!
  9. Close lightning strikes here in Doncaster!
  10.  This is now in Doncaster on low elevation and still all snow falling.
  11. Still snowing heavy here and settling a Tad more!
  12. It's snowing heavy here now trying to settle again!
  13. Can't beleive ive woke up to this!! I'm only 49m above Sea level!!