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    Weather, all of it, running, mountain hiking, Hard House, Cinema, Good TV Drama
  1. Have you been watching the new series of Strom Chasers, Monday eves 9pm Discovery Channel.

    awsome, the TIV got into a F4 last week!!

  2. Lots and lots of lovely Snow :-)

  3. We are so gonna get some snow over the next 10 days

  4. Come on Winter, give us your best shot!

  5. Hey Tim, Whats F1, its mentioned over and over, I know its all about way off in the future, but what does it stand for?

  6. Awsome!! Be yourself always, some will like you, some wont, at least you will like yourself for it!!

  7. Hmm, your personal info is a little out of date!! and are you still working on the wife, she must be exhausted!!

  8. Hi Ya, new here on NW, lovin you pic of course, thats why its there!! Nice to see a fellow 'in the middle of nowherer!!

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