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  1. Heavy snow here now north of Dundee. Massive flakes and everything all covered within 10 minutes!
  2. Heaviest snow of the winter here in Monikie. Chucking it down.
  3. First heavy shower on now after the main band passed through and it is pummelling down! Big flakes building depth up quickly.
  4. Morning all. Not posted in a while but this coming week has got my attention. What a stunning outlook from the Met Office to wake up .can’t remember them being so blunt about a forecast for a long time. I spent a bit of time last night making new snow depth sticks as couldn’t find the ones from 7 years ago. Nearly time to see if I made the scale high enough.....
  5. Afternoon all. First post of the year after being busy moving house. Now a further 5 miles inland and another 400ft up so looking forward to this winter! Saw the first geese last night when i got home from work. Seems early to me - anyone else seen any?
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