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    Monikie Nr. Dundee 535ft above Sea Level
  1. Just back from the pub and the last shower was snow and left everything white. Encouraging that the showers are getting across to the east coast.
  2. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snow staring to lie here now after a morning of sleet /wet snow.
  3. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snowing here now though it looks like pretty wet stuff. Interesting that the showers are making it over the mountains to the north and getting down here though. Might bode well for later!
  4. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Friarton closed to high sided vehicles. Open for cars as just went over it.
  5. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Probably 3-4 inches here.
  6. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Pelting down with snow here. Everything totally white in space of 5 minutes.
  7. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Interesting met office outlook. Not often your hear them mention risk of significant snow!
  8. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Probably about 1.5 inches overnight. I saw that the plough had made its first trip of the year along the road on my way to work.
  9. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Hi Munter. Yep I have seen some quality snow up here over the years. Used to live in the Ferry and drove up here for my snow fix whenever it was only sleet down there. Figured I might as well move here and it would save all those trips!
  10. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Just back from Dundee and the roads are white at the house. Nothing until above 500ft mind you. The move this year to the new house is proving worthwhile so far - had snow 3 days already this winter and none at the old house!
  11. Afternoon all. First post of the year after being busy moving house. Now a further 5 miles inland and another 400ft up so looking forward to this winter! Saw the first geese last night when i got home from work. Seems early to me - anyone else seen any?
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