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  1. Yes!! Seeing this thread really feel a like the start of winter for me!!!
  2. Lol! Actually I am mechanic and a recovery operator. I work either in a workshop that acts like a fridge or under a car or truck at the roadside. Been doing it for roughly 12 years. Don't see why you saw the need to be snarky though, I only expressed my opinion??
  3. At least I'm not the only one. I don't think the love of winter can be pinned down to any specific individual thing. I really enjoy the build up!! For me the build up starts with the Snow and Ice thread!!!
  4. I have to be honest.... From about the middle of March until about half way through August, I stay well clear of the Forums. I hate the Summer and the hot nights that come with it! But once the nights start pulling in, keep my eyes peeled for the resurrection of the Snow and Ice thread. Then I start checking Google for long range winter forecasts. I hate the electric bills during winter, but there is something I absolutely love about going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. All summer I dream about jumping in the car after work starting the engine and rubbing my hands until the h
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