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  1. This was Braintree earlier not too much local T&L but the rain was the worse we have had in 13 years...it just did not let up for 15 mins or so...apologies if the photos are a bit rubbish!
  2. Braintree - no rain, no storms still 28 degrees....pish ?...oh and bust ???
  3. Fully agree, naming storms is not for me...we have enough broadcast and written forcasts to warn about any adverse weather type....naming storms is a waste of time. that being said can’t wait for heatwave Fred to arrive!
  4. I think anything that approaches damage to property/trees etc could also pose a risk to life through falling debris and as such warnings should be issued. It may only affect a very small area in reality but if it makes people aware, then as today’s event in Hampstead highlights, people may have been a little more wary when passing under/by trees/scaffolding etc, but as with all these things it’s pot luck if something happens and your either in the right or wrong place sometimes but forearmed is forewarned as the saying goes! I would rather be made aware of any potential weather event which could harm me or my belongings...it’s then up to me what I do with the information, it’s not nanny state ethics or the if we get too many warning we won’t heed them mentality. Everyone can make their own mind up on warnings given, it’s a choice.
  5. It was in Hampstead, according to my employee who was in the vacinity, there were no fatalities. I had no idea the gusts would be as strong today. Van was getting buffeted on the M11 on the way home Further Pictures and Info Here https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/hampstead-scaffolding-collapse-miracle-noone-hurt-after-huge-section-of-scaffolding-crashes-to-a4085636.html
  6. Yep... very light though, just dampening the ground....let’s hope it gets heavier soon!
  7. Northern Extent About 2 miles south of Braintree ???....but hopefully others south of me can get a good dumping! You can’t win em all ?
  8. Had 3 hrs of rain and half hour of wet snow in Braintree, Essex which turned to slush instantly on tues...expecting the same if not less tomorrow ? Really hope I’m wrong though, keep telling the kids it’s coming only to look a complete wally ?....let tomorrow be the day that dads right!! ?
  9. Distant flash in Braintree, a few spots of rain...barely enough to dampen the ground. No thunder
  10. Got quite a few rumbles in Braintree, and a dump of rain for about 5 mins, has cleared the air a little, not a direct hit as I think it skirted us, but It’s better than owt. ?
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