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  1. I just noticed the met warnings and an amber for the soft southerners. I can just see tomorrow’s headlines! I also need to report that I have some snow symbols on the BBC. Now that’s a first lol. We shall see but I’m not holding out any hope. Freezing fog is just rolling in and my god it’s cold outside.
  2. Can someone post me a snowball Please miserable rainy dull day in Hull. but I will keep the faith and my wait continues..... remembering 2010 !!!!
  3. Feeling like the poor relation right now.....where’s my invite to the party??? Drizzling rain in Hull as expected. hopefully we will get some snow before the end of winter enjoying reading all the posts this morning, keep adding your pictures
  4. Evening all, hope you are all keeping well and COVID free. I am still waiting to see my first snow flake of the winter! Reading the mad thread it certainly doesn’t sound good for any country wide dumping of the white stuff. Would be nice if it snowed, especially if Boris locks us down this evening. I am more partial to summer and long warm evenings sitting outside......but prefer the snow to these dark horrible rainy days... it really doesn’t seem like a great start to 2021... thank heaven for sites like this, I enjoy the banter and of course the weather predictions. Has sausage posted this ye
  5. Gosh I pop out for a few hours and its blown up with posts in here lol - even a visit from Net Weather royalty Mr Murr himself.... Loving the pictures and videos. Hope I get to join in the fun next week.
  6. Morning all, the mad thread is full of negativity this morning - I am seriously struggling to keep up, but after 10 years on here I have heard it all before! Lucky few locations in the Yorkshire area today (radar watching) obviously not here as per usual but good luck and post your pictures.
  7. I am not even going to respond lol. The later it gets and the more booze we drink.....
  8. Do you think it will get to the east coast? We missed out last time and it was painful watching you lot getting hammered. I am not holding out any hope to be honest. Good luck to those who see some snow. we all need a little cheering up right now.
  9. Fingers crossed we see some snow next week. Missed out back when the beast from East hit and we are long overdue a 2010 event Merry Christmas everyone and fingers crossed for a better 2021 x
  10. Well can you believe it, snowing massive flakes and a lovely covering for once - Wasn't expecting this today so a nice bonus
  11. Hope your right. If it shifts 20 miles east I may see a flake. Seriously I take those depths with a pinch of salt
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