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  1. Well can you believe it, snowing massive flakes and a lovely covering for once - Wasn't expecting this today so a nice bonus
  2. Hope your right. If it shifts 20 miles east I may see a flake. Seriously I take those depths with a pinch of salt
  3. Yes it's amazing how the west side can have snow and over in the east none!
  4. In fairness nothing since 2010 - youngest children around here have never experienced snow!
  5. Evening all, rather quiet in here i have to agree BA, long summer warm nights are my favourite - Autumn and winter months feel like they drag on forever and ever with regards to this snow or no snow event - non of the models are consistent and the mad thread is literally bonkers as always! Grown ups bickering over will it or won't it snow in my backyard. Southerners moaning about the northerners and vice versa. BOOM and bust posts, good charts and bad charts - come on it's just the weather!!! personally I love looking at falling snow, my garden looks as good as the neighbours for once. Would I be happy with a 2010 repeat - hell yes but life will go on either way enjoy your week no matter what it brings, you never know what's around the corner
  6. I'm going bog eyed looking at the lamppost, I hate these new led street lights !! Had a ten minute rain shower here and yet to see a flake... Same old lol but more interested in the up and coming cold spell which will probably fizzle out again knowing our luck
  7. After last years epic fail, I am not telling any of my family and friends that it might snow next week. I for one don't want egg on face again !!! Fingers crossed we get some action this time
  8. Well looking outside today you could be fooled into thinking it was Spring. The sun has shone all day long and although it's chilly, it's given me hope that Spring will soon arrive. The little bit of snow we had has all but gone. Here's hoping I won't be back for Easter ! Have a good Spring/summer guys. See you all next winter
  9. Under a blizzard now and everything's covered. Best I've seen since 2010 !
  10. Welcome to the mad house lol afternoon everyone hope your all enjoying the weekend had snow showers here on and off all day but nothing to write about just yet! It has just turned extremely dark and I am under a heavy shower at the minute, give it 5 and the sun will be out!
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