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  1. I find it quite soothing Anyway as the island is starting to darken, visually we can see the really fire works, it goes from soothing to memorising
  2. I’ll be watching the game in a hour or so ️ I’m hoping before the game they’ll have some kind of tribute to him.
  3. RIP Jimmy x Much admired by most for he’s brilliants in football....yes in buckets ️ I wasn’t around to see him play but I do remember the Saint and Greavsie football commentary show on ITV, and how I used to look forward to it, millions watch it, even people that wasn’t really interested in football used to tune in just for the great humorous personality he had.....and that was in buckets as well
  4. Yes Paul it’s been a little weird, but I’d say more confusing, one day the rankings have been better for some and the next day the reversal....lower As mine went down two, then back up one in a couple of days, Mmm In my eyes, not to be taken seriously, as all members are valued, doesn’t matter what rank one is
  5. A long way is a couple of weeks and remember all (I’m not saying it’ll happen again) but in August after corrections it dropped by 0.5c, in which was a big drop and a surprise to most .....but we’ll see
  6. wether forecaster, that
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