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  1. Snowing here but not for long, the radar isn’t promising the goods, like you said Matt....its all gone quiet regarding the CG
  2. Hi Andy, welcome back home, let’s hope our land of green turns white for us all, I’m starting to be more and more hopeful now that Thursday could deliver the goods
  3. Nice pics S R, hope you don’t mind I’ve blown this one up for ya
  4. Straightforward sleet earlier, but what is heading our way from Wales is more and more turning to Snow Meteociel.fr - Radar de précipitations pluie et neige - Royaume-Uni/Irlande WWW.METEOCIEL.FR La météo en temps réel et prévisions météo pour la France, Observations météo, modèles numériques et logiciels météo (GFS, ECMWF, UKMO, GEM, AROME, ARPEGE...
  5. Just shows how crappy this winter has been Matt, I hear excitement in your words stating this could be Stokes SECOND snow event *if you want to call it that* how sad it’s been hey, I’ve had now’t so far, if I see snowfall that’ll be great Also I’m keeping one eye on Thursday
  6. Agreed for the first time this Winter I can safely say Some of us could wake up to a dusting come tomorrow morning
  7. Just thought I’d let ya know peps it’s snowing here, ing it and about time tooooooo
  8. Im very happy for folk that are seeing snowfall, you can see via the latest radar where all the heavy pep is, the Northwest of our region, I’m TRULY hoping a few showers will come my way this afternoon
  9. Ahhh what’s this......MO maybe back on board for snow tomorrow evening, at least it’s a start in the big turn around for snow in the Midlands tomorrow
  10. ATM here it’s heavy rain/hail, flash of lightning and strong winds, might as well throw the kitchen sink in for good measure and the 18z GFS still won’t drop its thoughts of snow for parts of the Midlands for pm tomorrow
  11. Agreed, but in the past the HR models have done well, so let’s hope there’s a turn around......PLEASE
  12. I can’t get my head around this, the Euro4 is looking great, even the nmm’s are full of promise for snow, but the MO and BBC forecasts are just full of rain showers
  13. Just over the hills it seems, for us lower level folk it’ll be down to heavier showers for us to see our first flake or two.....has the case this winter, I live in hope 🌨
  14. Sorry to hear that P Storm, yes it was brief AP, it’s just hit me and as was expected massive gusts and very heavy rain, it hit so quick it coursed car & house alarms to go off (weather bomb) even the neighbours dogs are going nuts.
  15. I’m expecting this squall line to be my way soon and where the strongest winds will be, due to experience they can be quite violent.
  16. If the 12z GFS is anything to go by Monday could be interesting all because of this small depression/short wave that’s suddenly appeared Nobble jokingly mentioned upgrades, well that could be most certainly the case, look forward to seeing the euro4 later as it’ll be in the time frame for Monday PM
  17. “Just to see it falling” it’s been that bad I’ve forgotten what it looks like lol Anyway my first snow symbol via the Met Office has shown up THIS WINTER for 18:00 Monday. At a guess I bet that’ll disappear. But before then batten down the hatches, it’s going to be a wild Sunday 🌪🌪🌪
  18. And Liverpool, wouldn’t fancy being in the Blackpool tower when that hits
  19. Yes the coldest member 6 looks very similar to the UKMO/ECM
  20. Agreed!!! ECM240h GFS384h..the carrot at the end of the stick scenario/La la land for us coldies.
  21. And the model thread has finally woke up, Great -12 uppers, dam line showing at 510, ice days and heavy snow.....text book bliss
  22. Hopefully the outlook in the Models will change, but for now I agree *Spanish plume new year*
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