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  1. 0.3c...I was surprised myself, but with forecasted temps over the next three days being mid to high teens and minima close to double figures I can’t see it dropping that far, but then again with the unpredictable corrections who knows
  2. ((((Full lockdown)))) I bloody hope not, it would be typical though, Just imagine if we got a foot snow we are then told we can’t go out to enjoy the white stuff that is in years in waiting for us coldies
  3. ECM all down hill, completely the opposite to the GFS But these tropical storms systems will have a big part to play, certainly interesting I must say.
  4. My mother is fit as a fiddle, no support bubble needed.....but who’s to know
  5. Hit 28.3c Regarding lockdown I’ve gotta ask my elderly mother to meet me in cafe if we want to have a chat and a cuppa together, but I’m not allow to do the same in her house....pure madness....but I do understand that there are very big families and yes that is why this as all happened again.
  6. Hit 27.1c yesterday and at 1pm today I’m at the same value so it looks like it’ll be warmer/hotter than yesterday....can’t be bad for mid September In a months time it could be blowing a gale and cats and dogs ️. so I’m enjoying this lovely weather in lockdown costadelsolihull
  7. I’m totally with you, look at the average temps (link) some days are in the 10s and 11s https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/average-uk-temperature All subject to change of course.
  8. Looks great.....just one thing though.....where is it ? (Location) all member have name, gender and location, so come January when your photo shows the opposite with a foot of snow, you can boast in saying I’ve got more snow than you and we’ll know what part of the country your in
  9. Agreed, looking back at the August comp some peeps at mid month thought it was going to finish at 18.5c plus and it finished almost a degree lower....also I must add plenty of gefs members are going for a big dip in temps in the last week of September, some of them are going for proper northerlies. Who said September is quite and boring
  10. Long way to go yet guys the BBC monthly forecast states; (As we enter the last full week of September, we should see a large-scale pattern shift in the weather across northern Europe. High pressure is expected to build across the north of the continent, including the UK, which will keep things more settled and drier. However, temperatures will stay near or a bit below normal with an easterly or north-easterly breeze across the North Sea. Expect some cloudier conditions on eastern coasts at times too, especially in Scotland. While we expect the high pressure to stick around throughout the week, there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast since the UK is sat right on the edge of the high. Low pressure in France and Spain will occasionally bring some rain into southern areas during the week, but this will likely be more an exception than the rule. However, there is a risk that high pressure will be further east and low pressure could become more dominant) It will be interesting to see how the last week in September evolves, looking at the 06z GFS output for the last week,....it certainly is not warm by any means
  11. Your gif 850hpa anomalies + 2m temps + precipitation WOW
  12. Afternoon, a few places have hit 25c today even 26c for a few lucky ones, Loving the extremes in some parts of the US....Denver was at 37c yesterday and today or within the next few hours it’ll be experiencing it’s earliest snowfall ever at just 1c and heavy snowfall...WOW to in just 24HRS
  13. Your not greedy,......I’m next *Dear weather gods* can I have this everyday of our winter
  14. I love extremes but from mid 30’s Monday to 1c and snow the very next day in Denver is certainly extreme, look at the 850hpa anomalies charts
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