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  1. Now’t to write home about....it’s been an amazing July so far....next weeks so called forecasted temperatures I am not looking forward to at all, especially with the humidity building.
  2. Hi guys, I’m loving it even though I’m a cold/snow nutter this is just great weather, prefect wall to wall sunshine and in the Hi 20s and low humidity, I just might have to go to the pub to celebrate
  3. Been out in the country side today, just out side Bewdley....absolutely stunning
  4. Even the clouds are sad....sad face in the clouds just to the right of South Wales
  5. Edit, From time to time here I’m getting grimmers of hope... brighter moments. but not looking good http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/satellite.php?region=uk&mode=animation-visible-france
  6. No Sunshine band here, just ‘Fade To Grey by Visage’
  7. What there is, is all West of Brum ATM, I can’t really work out what direction it’s all heading either.
  8. Thank God for that....I was going to start playing. ‘Misty for me’ In the last half an hour or so the radar is looking more and more interesting. Currently 23.5c here and I can see it building to my Northwest
  9. Things could change very quickly Bish Bosh BOOM!!! Edit...nice little storm has come from nowhere right over Rugby.
  10. Oh yes...Look at Sunday all the activity was over Wales and not even a sniff over us (BIRMINGHAM) then in the matter of hour or so...BOOM!
  11. Thanks, I really only use net weather Storm radar now as it shows all in HI RES, plus anything coming up from the south, it’s rare for anything coming in from the Low Country’s, I will try it though....Cheers Bish
  12. Alot going on in the UK atm, this Radar seems to have a lot of ppn incoming from the low lands Will it make it ? Time will tell https://www.accuweather.com/en/nl/amsterdam/249758/weather-radar/249758
  13. Most certently, BBC have now updated their TV forecast....looks like that lot incoming is heading our way....Chris Fawkes mentioned it hitting the Midlands overnight and further showers/downpours for tomorrow.