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  1. Well said I agree, we can’t keep on having upgrade after upgrade, otherwise by December the Artic Circle would be resituated somewhere along the south coast and polar bears would be our new friends.....remember it’s the rollercoaster season....ATM we are on the up,
  2. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes I can see your point, but the discussion is about here and now or in the next couple of weeks say, not about in the next 8 weeks, my point is, the way things are going it could be another 2010 (back then was clearly special and this could hopefully happen again)
  3. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I never mentioned anything about cool/cold pooling, it’s the northern blocking that interest me.... so much potential can come from this and the models are truly showing some great runs this morning
  4. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Morning all, things are defo looking good for coldies, all the major models are going for northern blocking in 7 days inwhich in time will be bring us winter Good bye autumn
  5. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Blimey! Not implying anything but does it get used
  6. Aye, when you see these anomalies/heights at 144h (ecm) who’s to know what’s going to happen or where it’s going thereafter....interesting times
  7. Thanks for making that apparent, I was just thinking what the hell is faux cold.....I’d be happy with just -20 uppers
  8. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Seen all that myself on the way home from work, I was going to take some pics myself but my battery went.....
  9. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    6 weeks of snow WOW!!! ...so so jealous....why the hell did you move down here? Who needs Lapland.....Live in Edinburgh that’s what I say
  10. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes it certainly could happen MIA, hopefully very interesting times ahead in the THFC thread But for now I’ll have to get my shorts back out, 16c to 17c this week in parts of the UK ...just barmy but then again if I remember early November 2010 was very mild and we all know what happened back then .....so I’m with ya....10
  11. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yeah same here yes we have had a fair bit, yesterday there was flooding on the Cov rd by the airport ....anyway I could do with a little sunshine today, got things to do outside
  12. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    BBC yesterday had us for sunshine all the way today......what the hell!!! ...It’s bloody hammering down here ️
  13. Go to top right ‘search box’ type in (2010) then click contents titles only. you'll find loads of pages/content relating to 2010....some great pics
  14. Best 384h anomalie chart I’ve seen so far this season.