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  1. And the model thread has finally woke up, Great -12 uppers, dam line showing at 510, ice days and heavy snow.....text book bliss
  2. Hopefully the outlook in the Models will change, but for now I agree *Spanish plume new year*
  3. This isn’t a moan as such, but as it is atm, I’ve never known it so quite, the other day on the mod thread I counted 4 peps looking in, it’s gotta be a record for the 3rd January I’m sure, It seems a distant memory when we’ve been looking down the barrel of -12 uppers and deep snow and as someone mentioned ice days (what’s one of them lol) anyway we’ve been there when it’s been touching 2000 peps and the thread is rolling that quick you can’t keep up....how I miss them days (the mad house)
  4. Save money they will, bet they won’t be ploughing money in what they’ve saved repairing them pesky pot holes though
  5. All change, it’s all cold rain and mainly for the East of our region...thank god it clears by mid morning.
  6. Things are a little desperate for us snow seekers atm, nothing may not come from this, but Tuesday could turn a little wintry.
  7. Certainly one to keep an eye on Nick, if the time line falls right, rush hour weds morning could interesting.
  8. 18 hrs of Rain for a large part of our region since yesterday evening ...Shame it wasn’t in just a few week time, you imagine 18 HRS of none stop SNOW
  9. Hi all, I’m showing 2.8c and DP 2.4c, sleet was showing on my windscreen on the way home, the main headline today is the rain, it just hasn’t stops from yesterday evening... this snap shot is Birmingham airport ️️️️️
  10. Can’t see it myself MIA , another 100m asl or a degree or so lower then yes, we’ve seen some great times/snowfall here when bands have pivoted over our region but not today I’m a afraid, just bloody cold rain methinks North Wales Snow causes 'hazardous' road conditions WWW.BBC.CO.UK Police and traffic officials warn of poor conditions across north and mid Wales. Chez weather, great pic Hopefully the way this November could pan out we could all be joining ya
  11. UPlenty of precipitation incoming this afternoon from the south, this band is starting to pivot, several hours of heavy rain and at just 3 or 4 degrees here it ain’t going to be very nice. Edit: looking at the latest BBC forecast, the heaviest of the rain looks like staying further south now ( still bloody cold rain though )
  12. Surprising really, looking at this radar snapshot you should have plenty of precipitation ?
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