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  1. Come again, nowt wrong in fantasist hope-casting. Sorry, just a little light humour while we are awaiting Winter
  2. There could be seven us in contention for the top spot then, I’m guessing who ever submitted their guess first will be the overall winner though
  3. I'm sure you think you live in a rain forest, BBC for Stafford ain't bad at all tomorrow, maybe a 30% chance of a thundery shower and I bet you don't see a drop.
  4. Did someone mention the word WINTER......won't be long.
  5. A little strong, we’ve had some good weather, but I can see what your point is Matt Tomorrows forecasts for gales are quite exceptional for this time of the year 50mph gust are very possible for central parts of our region come lunchtime tomorrow....hold on to ya tents 🏕
  6. Hi guys, just out of interest, who had a power failure today, I didn’t even know about it until I’ve seen the ten o’clock news....all was okay here in B’ham & Solihull.
  7. Still 30c here at 7pm, soon to be clouding over though, showers in places, especially in the north of our region
  8. Hit 31.2c here, thank god it’s fresher tomorrow.....25c and sunny is good enough for me.
  9. Right mess out there.....unless you like the ️
  10. What is coming out of France is far more interesting, but what direction will that lot take and how intense it'll be if it does come our way, only time will tell ?!?!
  11. Hi all, Flaming June more like flooding June, you don’t see many Maps like this, current alerts and flood warnings.
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