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  1. A friend sent me these two photos from Lapworth (south of Solihul) Monday just gone.
  2. Bish... "10 days" ....That's nothing, I was going to go through the CFS and look at Novembers output
  4. I don't think I'll bother staying up this event
  5. Looks like it's taking more of a westward direction now.
  6. Here's the radar loop, it is 30mins off but it gives you the general idea which direction it's going
  7. And the regional forecasts, not a stiff!!!
  8. The radar has just pulled its finger out and the PPN is on our doorstep
  9. Yes Ive asked knocker his thought on this evening, He emphasized how tricky it is to forecast snowfall evolution with tricky synoptics. As it is he would be surprised if those charts are a long way out.
  10. My apologies guys, I should of said ."No chance of any further sunshine today then" Knocker can I ask you your thoughts on your comment please...." what might evolve this evening and overnight but I wouldn't bet the house on it"..... as in ?
  11. MIA, You may have a point, you can see clearly northward CLOUD movement in this sat image so who knows PPN may follow.......Yet another evening not modeled and not foretasted....Love it
  12. I think John Hammond maybe right.....But because it's in the South East and you've mentioned a westward movement, unless it back fills massively and northwards, I don't think it'll reach our region. But who know it isn't even supposed to there regarding to the met office forecast
  13. Easy there tiger love to know your thought's why.....hope ya right
  14. Same here...flakes in the air and currently -1c