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  1. 10.5c cheers.
  2. Love March....18c to 19c recorded in parts of the UK today, but just in a few short days, next week will/maybe remind us that cold temps can bite back to 4c to 5c If you like shocks to the system...GFS is showing next week a wind chill of -8 for parts of the UK... -6 for most
  3. Its raining Cats & Dogs and Pancakes here
  4. Noted....Still a rash of showers to the west on the latest Sat....Inroads that's the Q Edit.... cyclonic happiness...You beat me....The above... Just adding to what you've just mentioned
  5. Temps dropping 4.0C Dew's at 1.1c Showers may produce the odd flake here overnight. One eye on tomorrow morning ATM.....Ya never Know
  6. Stranger things have happened like -7 to -9 uppers and rain and even stranger at who knows
  7. 6.2c Cheer's
  8. Where will we see the highest gust? Very interesting day a head, we don't 70mph gusts predicted for inland areas much... But take care, because we care
  9. Get my Scalextric's out
  10. Yes thickness levels were simply just thin....or just a UK mini global warming, scenario, situation, thingy going on
  11. Hi Ryan05, same here, no days of snow actually lying....still time maybe...We need a march 2013 Regarding the so called that "last cold snap", I still can't get my head around the fact that we had -9 850hpa (uppers) with Dew points at 0c and no snow....just a sleety mix. We've had snow in the past with -2 850 hpa's..... Just really proves to me now, how hard it is to forecast snow in the UK.
  12. Agreed.... A mild outlook and double fig's now but rain never too far away at this stage...... Friday don't look too bad at all Edit......Today is sunny and Currently 10.3c....Wasn't expecting that
  13. Dew point at 2.2c and 2m temp at 2.5c....Fat ladies have left the Building