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  1. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Don’t know what it was in Stafford today but parts down here were well over 13c today, it’ll be completely different next weekend trust me
  2. Yes the so called slider LP is further south at 138h... giving snowfall across the Midlands 🥳
  3. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    So looking forward to the horizontal drizzle changing to vertical SNOWFALL 10 inches will do
  4. Same here, showing blitzing blizzards for the Midlands and the East 🥳
  5. Always that chance of colder upper showing if the tread is to be believed , like you said at D10, all members between -3 to -8...here’s a close up
  6. Not to worry, (the rest of the ens will decidedly catch up 🥴) me personally I wasn’t expecting the charts to deliver the output we’ve seen today until the end of the week tbh.....can it get better 🥶️🌨 OH! YES
  7. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Glad you mentioned “ I “ some of us haven’t seen a flake yet ...things are going to change for the better, The cold will come for sure
  8. Thanks BB 62-63, very informative and most of all a breath of fresh air.....
  9. Good point, while we are waiting for the Siberian output/outlook to hit ours shores. We should all enjoy the dry weather as It could be full on Zonal and endless wind and rain that we have
  10. Agreed, what’s on offer is zzZZ and Tim Bland mentioned maybe a backward step.....But I do believe though that atm it’s a three step back and soon it’ll be a giant leap forward.
  11. I’m just chilling at home watching BBC2 (catch me if you can) sounds very similar to what the UKMO is saying to the GFS
  12. Dancerwithwings

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    BBC forecast..... Monday 21 January—Sunday 3 February Probably, but not definitely, becoming colder In our last outlook, we mentioned the possibility of it becoming colder during the middle or end of January, due to developments in the upper atmosphere over the North Pole. There has been a dramatic rise in the temperature of the Arctic stratosphere. Meteorologists call this kind of event a Sudden Stratospheric Warming or SSW. They happen several times per decade and are part of the natural variability of the global climate system. The SSW event that has just occurred has disrupted the winds which make up the polar vortex, and it looks as though this disruption could continue for several weeks. This, combined with other global weather patterns, means that the UK has an increased threat of significantly colder weather developing as we head through the final third of January and into February. Our longer-range forecast data certainly shows a trend towards colder weather across northern Europe, including the UK, at the end of this month and well into the start of February. There are also indications of an increased risk of snow for the UK. However, there is still some uncertainty over the extent to which the cold weather will affect us. In fact, there is even a 25% chance that we could continue to be affected by Atlantic weather systems, with any cold air tending to be confined to other parts of Europe.
  13. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Defo feels like winter today. Currently 2.6c, Dp -2.6c and Overcast
  14. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Blimey!!! Looks like you've got dino-size moles on that last pic .....Looks lovely, great day for a stroll