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  1. Beaut of a weekend coming up.....sunny skies and low 20’s....can’t be bad
  2. This morning wasnt the best, cloudy first thing but then the sun came out....hardly vile at all
  3. The motor was covered in frost at 7am this morning................Not bad for first day of May
  4. Warm and Sunny'Shire for PM, world's apart, grey skies and just 7c here in Solihull
  5. You also PM the rest of April into May regarding temps ain't looking nowhere near as good as it was last week......summer's been suspended for now
  6. Rain all day here MIA and 12c -13c.....Ill eat my trousers if your trip is/was worst than it was here today What a difference from last week
  7. Hi all......Ive max out at 23.2c today and still at 22.5c at 5pm It feels like we've bypassed spring today and gone straight to summer....
  8. YES! we are getting there, just 14c/15c across the Midlands today.....Thursday/Friday looking good..... 20C TO 23C SOUNDS MUCH BETTER
  9. This is the A38 leading into Birmingham.....Good choice of words...Horrific!!! Currently 5.7c
  10. This morning in Solihull/Birmingham...... rain and 5c Currently it's now hammering it Down
  11. Cool for April today, didn't hit Double figs Currently 8.3c....Therefore them 20c+ in the forecast for next week will be very welcome and a shock to the system....but about bloody time...Hopefully
  12. Dancerwithwings

    F1 2018 season

    F1, Nasty accident with one of the Ferrari mechanic's, leg snapped!!! I rewound it and watched it in slow motion.....Wished I hadn't poor bloke.