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  1. 12.0c...Cheer’s...to start, then the 2nd half
  2. Agreed feb 1991......Just blows me away these charts credibility, we'll see
  3. Looking at Frosty’s 06z GFS 27c + charts earlier today and how blissfull they were Then all change... Just proves not to take every model output has that’s it....Blimey! looking at the GFS 06z to the GFS 12z ....it couldn’t of been any more chalk/cheese - black/white if it tried.....
  4. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    The rain we have down here is quite heavy, hope it makes it’s way to you PM, also that band just West of Wales would certainly help to sort out that big problem they have up there (Roaches)
  5. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    You can see where my lovely morning has gone via the sat image
  6. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Lovely morning here but clouded over now....also had a night time min of 6.1c last night and currently 17c so in that stiff breeze and especially of late it feels quite cool.
  7. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    You can clearly see the brighter parts of our region on this hi res sat image. Wouldn't like to be at Great Yarmouth today also temps at 15c,16c....horrid.
  8. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    That horror show is encroaching into parts of the east of out region now More brighters spells here, not bad at all But there is chance of a few showers this afternoon
  9. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I don’t fancy fancy the SE of the UK today.....just miserable A few brighter glimpses here but on the whole just cloudly and currently 17.3c
  10. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    If You like rain, regarding the output (models) it’s now looking good for you come the weekend but even at this stage things can still change as there are uncertainces in the forecast. It ain’t for me though as it’s my last weekend of my annual leave
  11. Dont fancy the end of the 12z ECM run, thank God it has no support.
  12. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yet another lovely day with temps here hitting 28c, Dis1970...GFS 06z is but it’s just one run plus the ENS shows it is an outlier.
  13. Dancerwithwings

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Agreed, a hat & sunscreen goes a long way, even though we’ve a few days of variable cloud cover, the sun still burns as I’ve seen with my own eyes out in the big outdoors camping You see people when the suns out smother themselfs in sunscreen but never when there’s variable high cloud and because of this I’ve seen few lobsters I can tell ya