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  1. Now Oct 31st, we’ve got more chance of getting out of the gravitational pull of this so called Black Hole than getting out of the EU, ATM...enough is enough!!!

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    2. weirpig


      See farage's new party is leading the polls in eu elections    there may be trouble ahead.

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Indeed we are...if folks who're not supportive of Farage (the majority) cannot be bothered to cast their votes, they'll have only themselves to blame?

    4. weirpig


      They will cast their votes Pete   but the vote will get watered down by 3 or 4 parties   farage will clean up     according to this poll  they are top by 5 points  ahead of labour  with tories in third 


  2. All the good stuff is just North of me, anyone underneath it ?
  3. Distant thunder here in Solihull, just started hammering it down, no lightening yet though, radar looks interesting, we'll see
  4. A week away....that’s been most of this winter regarding the models, hardly seen a flake me, I’ll be watching with interest..... just hope it don’t flip flop
  5. You’ve done okay since living in stoke recently, if that’s the case with the small amounts of snowfall over the years in London, you must be loving it, so why are you a winger from time to time ?
  6. Very confused by your post, Bristol is already having snowfall looking at the radar.
  7. Okay guys, looking at the models things aren’t looking rosey at all, all I can say is keep an eye on the radar, you never know, it’s happened before peps.
  8. Lol Matt how right you were, if it happens it happens.....there’s more to life than snowfall you know....I can’t believe I just said that
  9. Still owe you a pound if I remember, if all goes well tomorrow....will all be forgotten
  10. You’ve seen it, sounds the same as “winter’s over and it’s only Dec/Jan” Crazy peps
  11. Radar will be a guide to us all come tomorrow ... I’ll be on it from midday me. I’m working in Coventry Tom, but I’ll back in Snowyhill at teatime ready and waiting
  12. Yes nailed for the South Midlands upto Birmingham inwich I’m south of Brum, but I do believe the North of our region will see snowfall but as you mentioned is a question mark, but in my eyes......it’s how much
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