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  1. Sorry Matt23.. I wouldn't build your hopes up....Looking at the radar, Snow hope there mate Around 24 hrs.... YES
  2. In 30mins from/to 1.0c/1.3c and dp 04c/0.8c.....Drip Drip
  3. Here in my back yard.... Currently 1.0c ....Dew point of 0.4c
  5. This evening with temps still low the Met Office are going for a sleety mix if you ask me and snow showers for Wed's evening
  6. Not to worry we've still got 21⁄2 months left of Winter......What great start to it Currently..... Brass Monkey's
  7. Latest min temps https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/top-20/mint
  8. You guys the forecast for these -10 to -12's are right out in the deep sticks in the very cold snow fields Even when back in 2010 Pershore recorded -16 17s I believe ? the surrounding area of Brum only touch -9 or -10s I'll be happy with -5 tonight Anyway leave it to the experts......I'm sure somewhere will hit double digits
  9. Tonight will be the coldest night for a fair few years now -12's is very cold BRRRR!!!! and tomorrow will barely be above freezing Okay Weds showing daytime temps around 4 and 5's but it's 'hardly mild' then 2's & 3's for the rest of the week and into the weekend and maybe even colder into the earlier part of next week.
  10. What great memories you've just brought back.....Kids today ain't lived
  11. My 16 year old daughter is at 6th form Arden that's where that e-mail was sent from....A bloody snowplough used as Weirpig mentioned....how times change
  12. GFS 12Z is showing potential this forthcoming weekend
  13. Both of of my Kids are off school again tomorrow.....A SNOW PLOUGH The conditions of the school site, despite having had a snow plough on site this afternoon and significant gritting, continues to pose a major health and safety risk and the decision has, therefore, been made for the school to remain closed tomorrow. The enormity of the amount of snow and the size of our site are causing problems. The current condition of the pathways around the school are unsafe. The weather forecast for this evening and much of tomorrow is for sub-zero temperatures which will make road conditions hazardous. We will have further snow clearance taking place throughout the day on Tuesday and if the weather on Tuesday evening brings warmer conditions we will expect to be open on Wednesday.
  14. Was that you having a rest on the park bench love it.