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  1. Still snowing with big flakes here too, bonus really but I’ll be going back to sleep when it stops!
  2. Still snowing here with gusty winds ❄️
  3. So nice to see especially as we are not much above sea level either so it's usually very marginal for us!
  4. Big wet snowflakes here laying on everything, road covered with about a cm on walls, cars, lovely to see snow coming down with the Xmas lights on ❄️
  5. So good to see reports of snow, I will set my alarm just in case, no work tomorrow so I can always go back to sleep if it's raining like it is now
  6. I hope so! It's snowing here and I saw a few flakes yesterday afternoon which was good. Only problem is having to go to work shortly, wish this snow was yesterday. Have a good day.
  7. Wind getting up, fence panels split and banging against house, just gets better 😟
  8. The No Snow Club

    I am firmly in here with the driving rain 🏊
  9. The joys of being close to the sea....! Great to see reports in other areas though
  10. So pleased to hear it's snowing for some of you guys, enjoy.
  11. Morning everyone, loving all this rain and wind, not. I would have loved to see a bit of snow now I've got all the Xmas decs up but I'll spend today watching horror movies instead which better reflects the weather! It's good that lots of people will have fun today though but I don't envy their journeys to work tomorrow.
  12. Solitary flash of lightning with thunder here and heavy shower