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  1. We have a little snow shower right now, still small flakes but wasn’t expecting anything today so a nice little surprise!
  2. It’s snowing lightly here just north of Waterlooville from that tiny line of precipitation. Nice to see a bit falling even though it’s blowing all over the place.
  3. Some very small flakes mixed in with sleety rain here, too far south for anything much more but nice to see all the same
  4. Some great fork lightning albeit fairly infrequent but heard thunder too on Hayling
  5. Drove to Hayling and can see some nice flashes to the east so pleased to see something at least
  6. I’m thinking Bognor too as a starting point but I’m not expecting a repeat of Tuesday night down here, I’m making the most of being able to chase with no work to get up for until I start my new job next week!
  7. On Hayling it’s amazing isn’t it? Non stop lightning from so many directions!
  8. Travelled to Hayling beach and being treated to a fab light show!
  9. I was contemplating how far to travel as I don’t have work tomorrow so this has given me an idea, alternatively I could sit on Hayling beach and look west wistfully lol
  10. Really hoping to see something as mum and I are waiting patiently on Worthing seafront! We have a cool box with supplies so we are fed and watered lol. Rain easing slightly now too
  11. Cool I have no idea where that is but we may see you there! Hope we see something
  12. About to set off to Worthing at first and see what happens, good luck everyone!
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