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    Fossil hunter and outdoors stuff, bit of wild camping to blow out the cobwebs.
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  1. Well, we have had so much more snow than I thought we would have ? During last years snow event I made a lovely little gif to show our favourite pastime in these conditions, I wanted to make another one, but I forgot that they turn off our lampost at midnight now ? so, I'll repost the original, it would have looked exactly the same anyway! ?
  2. I've just made this gif as it's exactly what I've been doing for the last hour or so
  3. Spot on, the 1st of Jan 96. I was supposed to do the Salisbury Plain Challenge mountain bike race, it was so icy the 4x4 support vehicles couldn't get up on to the plains so it was cancelled.
  4. rockhopper

    My weather and sky photo's

    Shots of the weather and all things skyward ! :)
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