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  1. if you can predict that the snow is arriving at 4pm (precisely) ... when does the warm weather start ? Looking for unbroken sunshine and 21 degrees please !!! If you can let me know I can mark it in the diary ?
  2. Light snow in Colchester all morning, nothing really settling but icicles growing though.
  3. A couple of pics from the roads around Coggeshall, Feering and Tiptree to Colchester. Becoming impassable in places with the drifting and the blowing across the roads.
  4. Thank you ? and Wow that’s some depth !! Could be an arduous journey ? as I’m not on a main road either
  5. Heading back to Colchester this morning, do you know if it’s settled on the roads as well ? Wondering whether it’s aftually worth attempting haha
  6. After a pretty much snow free afternoon in Colchester, now absolutely hammering it down. Quickly covering everything and blowing around in the wind.
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