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  1. Looking on wunderground those temp are dropping off under the precipitation, we're also past the warmest part of the day now so you never know some of us with some elevation maybe lucky I will prob get rain here in the Severn valley though Some of you beat me to it lol
  2. It is still autumn, got a good 3 months of winter left yet............
  3. Yes indeed frosty, I have followed this thread for the last 2years, have learnt a lot from more learned posters like yourself, can't make head or tail of charts yet but still do find the whole forum very intersting, & yes my comment is not particularly model related, but then in way it is, because I'm learning....... N
  4. Daily mail at it also :(Temperatures are set to plunge in Britain next week with snow and gales bringing parts of the country to a standstill, forecasters warned today.Freezing weather sweeping in from the North Pole threatens to whip up freezing winds, winter storms and widespread frosts, it was predicted.Grrrr
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