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  1. The trick is being allowed to get rid of those players. I have a feeling that Woodward is calling the shots at present. The one common denominator throughout the tenures of Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho.
  2. Your 'rank' is what I'd call delightful. LP over and around the UK over the warm months is much more interesting from a purely meteorological perspective than a great big displaced Azores HP. Potential for convection etc that was sorely lacking last year. Not only was every bit of vegetation charred to a crisp, the weather was mind numbingly tedious day after day.
  3. To be honest with you, I suspect a take over is imminent. Everything just seems right. Club value is still high but the team needs a lot of investment. Plus there were all those rumours about the interest of that Saudi Prince in buying the club. I just have a feeling the Glazers will sell up this summer or next.
  4. Think we better get used to it tbh. What we're seeing with the azores HP cell displaced further N than usual is not by coincidence. It's pretty obvious that as the climate is changing we're seeing a gradual retraction N of the jet. Maybe those predictions from years back about us having a mediterranean climate will turn out to not be far off the mark.
  5. Looking at the modelling (including the longer range, seasonal stuff), I'm still of the opinion I was 2 months ago- that this will be a significant drought year. Nothing seems to have changed substantially for months and months in the grander picture. We're seeing any HLB over our side of the hemisphere struggling to maintain any foothold- mostly sinking and being reinforced by the Azores HP. GFS illustrates this below- Thus we end up with the jet ploughing merrily away far to the N of us. Here's the CFS averaged pressure anomaly chart for June...It has shown little fluctuation in months. Moreover, there's not one month between now and October that shows a below average SLP return. We'll do well to even see any storms out of that. Not sure how we break out of this entrenched general pattern. I don't particularly fancy seeing scorched earth for several months like last year. So depressing after a while.
  6. There's a lot of work to do with this team...staggering when you think of the money that has been afforded on it already. Ole really has his work cut out for him. A sad indictment as to how badly this club has been run from above over the years.
  7. Suarez going down like he's been shot in the back of the head, wasn't even touched where he was holding. Barca are disgraceful with play acting like that.
  8. Same old crap where Barcelona are concerned...how do they get away with so many fouls? Busquets should be off the field for a second yellow.
  9. A lot of it is hope casting, fuelled by the summer we experienced last year. The same happened after winters '09 and' 10. When you've recently experienced it, it becomes much more tangible. The same is true when you win at casino, you feel you can do it again and again.
  10. Well it means little as it's a day 10 chart, but HP is actually retrograding, and toughing is starting to cut SE across Russia. With the fairly dramatic final warming occurring, maybe temper heat expectations for the time being
  11. Looks like HLB getting a foothold to me. Heat bottled to our S means nothing if synoptics don't allow it to push N. Kind of like cold bottled to our N in winter.
  12. If the same set up had hit us say, 12th February, that would have been one heck of a frigid blast heading our way. There would have been far far less modification of the cold pool as it headed west. I'd say we'd be looking at -15 or-16 uppers fairly widespread. Why oh why can we not get these synoptics in the heart of winter?
  13. Would be interesting to see what happened to nature should we now get a run of harsh frosts. Given the fact trees have come into leaf early etc.
  14. GFS keeps flirting with the idea of Greenland heights and a potential polar outbreak towards mid month. Some quite decent cold shown to our N on a few runs.
  15. Here's to a wet, cool summer with a few dynamic thundery rain events. Can't see it (think it'll be warmer than average) but one can hope!

    1. karyo


      Every season is warmer than average sadly.

    2. NUT


      Yeah i'd love a nice cool summer TBH (after the ridiculously mild winter) you never know what might happen

  16. Why? Both ECM and GEM look below average temperature wise out to day 10
  17. Pavel Nedved what a player he was back in the day. Beat a sensational Henry to the Balon d'Or back in 2003. That is some achievement in itself!
  18. The thicknesses are quite remarkable for April, the whole upper profile is shown to be very cold Thundersnow aplenty in that set up.
  19. That's some pretty extreme cold (for April) on the 18z GFS. Some damaging frosts shown too.
  20. OK should have chosen my wording more carefully... It would potentially feel very troughy with clear mornings followed by intense home grown storms via diurnal convection- courtesy of slack pressure regimes.
  21. Looks very troughy the further into summer it runs Not that it means anything at this range.
  22. Just seen this now. Something I can relate to. Depression struck me just as my final year was reaching its climax, at first I thought I was just burnt out or suffering the after effects of a nasty virus. Something that has shaped my life ever since. Can't get more real world than an anxious, depression ridden graduate working in a supermarket 5 days a week!
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