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  1. Text forecast for this evening and overnight- This Evening and Tonight: The region will stay dry for the late afternoon and evening with some late sunny spells. It will tend to cloud over as the sun goes down and a few showers will develop overnight. Minimum temperature 12 °C. It has been raining since about 6.30pm.... I mean, even the GFS picked up on it
  2. Just viewed the 12z GFS. What struck me is the ongoing tendency for heights wanting to pull west. It's something we've seen all summer thus far. An improving picture, for sure, but how long it lasts is open to much debate.
  3. I'll be very surprised to see the current upturn in the further outlook become a sustained feature in all honesty. We've seen the modelling perform tricks like this all summer- it looks like the -NAO will relent only for it to return pretty sharpish soon after. There's nothing teleconnection wise that suggests there will be enough to force a more prolonged pattern change just yet? I think we may squeeze a week of decent weather to end August and the summer as a whole?
  4. I'm past being overly concerned by then. Yes the thermometer can read mid 20s but the feel is completely different. The sun isn't intense and I can bear it. It's the mixture of mid summer sun beating down AND the high temperatures that gets to me the most.
  5. For me it's all about wind strength and precipitation. I'll wear a winter coat at 11C and rain but can quite happily go out with no coat at 5c sunny and a light breeze. The windchill during that BFTE episode was so perishing that I pity anyone without a coat in it. Pretty much instant hypothermia with any time in it exposed. It froze buckets of water solid in a matter of hours. Weather like that also increases the risk of heart attacks as the blood thickens when the skin is exposed to such temperatures. I remember walking home against the wind during that spell and I couldn't feel my face by the time I got home. Could barely talk because the cold (wind chill) had made my face so numb.
  6. Winter coat usually comes off around the 12c mark for me. In sunshine it will be lower than this (maybe 8-9c). In still air, I can go out without a coat up to around -2c.
  7. Starting to feel decidedly back endish now. Like those days in mid Feb when the sun feels nice out of the wind. Saying that, we'll have another hurrah of summer I'm sure.
  8. A very good update but nothing to put any stock in at this range. Interesting to see what looks like a potential retrogressive signal with the jet heading underneath the blocking. Generally, indications look very good to me at this very early juncture.
  9. Nothing average here. We're on course to beat 2012's wetness should August come in wetter than average. We recorded almost 30mm just in one day yesterday.
  10. What another insanely wet day here. Thunderstorm went through towards 6ish, insanely heavy rain. What an absolute enigma of a summer this is turning out to be. Thoroughly enjoying it!
  11. Thunder heard this morning at about 5.30am. Some very heavy rain.
  12. Looking at it, seems we'll go negative some time around October
  13. I agree, there's something magical about the Halloween and bonfire period but I'm not sure if that's just good old fashioned nostalgia from when I was a kid
  14. It won't make things easy. I would imagine if the PDO is to battle with other forcings though, there is the potential for spectacular snowfalls across the UK. Something like the late 70s winters come to my mind. Anyone have the list of years that featured +ve PDO and decent UK winters at hand?
  15. Spurs after Coutinho or Dybala so I have read. Makes sense that they would sell Eriksen now rather than let him leave on a free. Would love Eriksen at United, would improve us greatly.
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