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  1. Just had a molar taken out...it wasn't painful at all but the situation still wasn't pleasant. Ended up almost passing out after the procedure. Going the dentist is not one of my favourite pastimes! 

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    2. TomSE12


      Hi CC,

      Glad to hear it wasn't painful. I have been referred to King's College Hospital's Dental Dept, by a local dentist, for a molar(wisdom tooth) extraction. Had a bad experience at a dentist when I was about 8, had an extraction and passed out. I've had an aversion to dentists ever since, I'm now 63!! 

      King's College is a top hospital in S.E.London. Wife and I are a bit concerned though, as I had a Brain Haemorrhage/Stroke 3 years ago and actually "died" twice, ironically in King's College. Obviously, they successfully resuscitated me. Just a bit worried about excessive bleeding. Did you suffer from much bleeding, CC?

      Very Best Wishes,



    3. CreweCold


      Hey @TomSE12 :)

      First of all I'd like to say it was my first ever extraction. Secondly I must stress to you it did not hurt at all whilst the tooth was being extracted. Even the initial anaesthetic injection didn't hurt but it was a little uncomfortable. The procedure went fine, even though he had some issues removing the tooth (it was a stubborn bugger!)

      Basically, I suffer with anxiety and so, because I'd worked myself up about having it done, I almost hit the deck afterwards. Apparently this is more common than you might think and is part of the fight or flight response. That was the most unpleasant part of the procedure but you won't be affected by that as I assume you will be under general!

      There hasn't been that much bleeding per se but I can definitely taste blood and I have noticed a little bit of bleeding...but nothing I'd suggest as 'excessive'.

      All the best to you...tooth extraction isn't pleasant but it's a necessary evil I suppose!


    4. TomSE12


      Thanks CC,

      for your reply.


      Tom (SE12)

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