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  1. Duly disposed of a queen wasp buzzing round work today...crunchy little blighters aren't they, took about 20 whacks to finish the horrid thing off!

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    2. Spikecollie


      Everything has its place! Look at "weeds", they are just nuisances in our garden but my bees are getting great forage from dandelions at the moment. I don't want the dandelions running riot in the grass, but I let them grow at the edges and the bees and other pollinators are in bliss! Wasps have their ecosystem purpose and remember there are very many varieties...

      Have you ever stroked a bumble bee?! Occasionally, when one is very absorbed in eating or drinking from a flower I like to gently touch its back. Just like mammalian fur.

      Vespas (wasps) are no different except if they are an alien species like our Asiatic Hornets here in France!



      what a species we are Spike!

      Hate and destroy...............

      I think our clock is very much a ticking....

    4. CreweCold


      Oh lord, isn't that what wasps do in the first place. They're evolved to inject venom into practically anything that moves. We're just another predator of them....without (the few) predators they have they'd be left to multiply to levels that would become a nuisance just as much as other species would if they went left unchecked. Are we getting all self righteous over wasps, really?! I don't know many people who can abide them!

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