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  1. Ah well. Probably the least upset I could be, given that it's a loss.
  2. Held our own well in that first half, against a team that is thought of as top bracket. Where was this effort/application against Everton? Shows that there are too many fair-weather players in this team and Ole really needs to be ruthless with the clear out in the summer.
  3. It's grim isn't it. Before today, I couldn't even remember the last time I heard thunder.
  4. Well I'm out of the no storms club early for once. Nice little storm, torrential rain and a fair few strikes... One of which must have only been a matter of metres away as the lightning and thunder were pretty immediate. It was so loud I jumped out of my skin!
  5. Good little storm that. Torrential rain, frequent thunder and lightning as the core passed over- including a strike that must have been a matter of metres away! I'm happy!
  6. Just pooped my pants. Almighty flash then immediate bang. That was close.
  7. Beauty How anyone of a meteorological persuasion could favour weeks on end of Azores HP domination over this, is beyond me.
  8. Looks like things are getting quite potent just N of Birmingham right now
  9. Looks like lift off around the Central Midlands. Let's see how it develops as it pushes N.
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