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  1. No longer light at stupid o'clock in the evening and it seems to get properly dark now...the nights are gradually drawing in

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    2. UV-RAY


      Lol,CC you've upset the mildies with your observational humour.

    3. cheese


      From a meteorological point of view than winter is far more interesting than summer to me - we get more snow here than storms by far, as well as occasional gales, which seem to be quite common here in the Vale of York and are always an exciting event, and kids seem to enjoy it lol. During summer, I don't get storms, the weather is generally similar on a day-to-day basis, and there is just a general lack of interesting weather.

    4. cheese


      Thunderstorms are the weather event that got me interested in weather as a child, so if we got as many storms as we do snow in summer, I'd probably prefer summer. I also get the impression that when people say they find summer less boring, they generally mean more pleasant, to me, interesting weather takes priority over comfortable weather.

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