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  1. No longer light at stupid o'clock in the evening and it seems to get properly dark now...the nights are gradually drawing in

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      I'm certainly not a 'mildie' whatever that might be. I've happily experienced deep cold in Canada and huge snowfalls in the Alps. I loathe the dank darkness, which seems to be the defining character of our winters imo.

    3. Bottesford


      People find summer less boring because you have the choice of being outside a lot whereas in winter that is much more limited so you end up with less choices of things to do.

    4. Eugene


      lol well done crewe, I think you may have beat my record for comments, 27 now :),,, I think bottesford you are wrong, spring is when most people get chances to do a lot of stuff, if its too warm and humid it puts people off going out, I haven't done any long distance walking because its too humid and the sun too strong but from late august its much more pleasurable

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