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  1. Dissertation on sunspots and UK climate is almost there. Tutor has labelled it 'very good' today so here's hoping I get my 2.1

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    2. BornFromTheVoid


      You'll have to send on a draft CC coz I'd considered that as a topic for mine! I'm currently writing up my dissertation on the influence of the Arctic Dipole Pattern on Northern Hemisphere Melt Season Sea Ice Extent!

    3. CreweCold


      Okidoke BFTV. Some joker from work told me they could write a dissertation in a day; all I could do was laugh, considering he heasn't even got a GCSE to his name. He then proceeded to lecture me how degrees are no good and that'd I'd still be on close to minimum wage in 5 years time. The utter contempt from some people at the mere suggestion that you may have more qualifications than them is quite disgusting tbh

    4. CreweCold


      If I had a pound for everytime someone said that university is a waste of time, I'd be living in an Alderley Edge mansion by now