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  1. Those uppers are a lot colder than I thought they would be at day 6 on UKMO- Still, as Steve says, the angle of that Iberian low isn't great and would surely soon scoop warmer air across the UK as it just doesn't look like heading E enough
  2. I've always said that E'lys are never ever nailed until within 72 hrs Saying that, looking at it again, the ICON run looks relatively implausible given the retrograde pattern and forcing from the HP...but you never know.
  3. Yes, it picks up on that shortwave that GFS spotted yesterday, but instead of sending it due N and absorbing it into Greenland, it recurves around the Scandi HP and allows a trough to drop down from the N before the unstable E'ly flow has a chance to get going. Worrying...I really hope we're not about to repeat history here. It would be so cruel.
  4. North west regional discussion

    Councils have been briefed then I presume.
  5. If some of these outrageous charts come off, there'll be no daffs left to bloom due to frostbite!
  6. Chart of the week... Absolute ripper! Lovely straight, clean flow...
  7. North west regional discussion

    It's like a different world once you get to 150m and above in the NW. I used to see the difference elevation makes when travelling up the A500 to Stoke. The difference started as near as the Little Chef at junction 16 of M6.
  8. North west regional discussion

    Yes, high ground was fine. Low ground in the shadow was affected.
  9. North west regional discussion

    Yes the rain shadow even affected this far S in Cheshire...horrendous. The precipitation was just light and drizzly and melted on contact. Some areas not that far away had over a foot though.
  10. That low that comes up from the south is a real PITA Dilutes the uppers considerably but given the deep cold preceding it, I'd suggest precipitation would maintain as snow on ECM
  11. Better shaped low around the Azores too...GFS balloons it...ECM disrupts it. Perhaps that is where the GFS and its suite is failing
  12. UEFA Champions League

    I've never seen reflexes like those of De Gea before. He's unreal.