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  1. CreweCold

    Premier League Discussion

    Never! 😂 Still remember that game a few seasons back where we had 36 shots against you and still couldn't score lol.
  2. CreweCold

    Premier League Discussion

    Just had a pool fan come in work and tell me we're going to get thumped 😞
  3. CreweCold

    Premier League Discussion

    Oh dear, the latest team to be Burnley'd. It's usually just us they show up against.
  4. I wouldn't mind nor bet against a very cold March spell at some point. What that might do to nature after the potential 20C days this weekend is anyone's guess.
  5. CreweCold

    EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Wolves vs Man U 😲 @weirpig
  6. CreweCold

    EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Ole Ole Ole Ole
  7. March 2006 polar NWly delivered even at this altitude.
  8. Can't help but think we'll pay for it sometime in March or April!
  9. Felt really nice and warmish out there today. Just pleasant enough for me really. I don't need a powerful sun and temps in the mid to high 20s.
  10. I think the PDO has been a major thorn in our side over recent times. The set up Pacific side has been just so wrong for us the majority of the time- with N America often seeing deep cold outbreaks. Essentially SSTs were wrong for us on both sides this winter- Pacific and N Atlantic. I hope to see a May tripole this year.
  11. CreweCold

    UEFA Champions League

    Not overly impressed by the performance it has to be said- but the guy that scored their first shouldn't have even been on the pitch by that point...ref bottled his second yellow. But it is what it is, we should have taken the game to them on our own merits. We knew getting a result against PSG was going to be tough going. PSG are pretty much through so getting 4th place in the league is important now, we have to knuckle down. Get a couple of class players in the summer window and mount a better challenge next year.
  12. This summer could rival '76 in my very honest opinion.
  13. Yes, as I said a couple of weeks ago (and still hold the belief), we are ascending into an early spring. I fear this could be a drought year in all honesty, we've seen pretty much the same pattern dominate our weather for the best part of a year now- namely a repeated nosing in of the Azores HP which is sometimes getting to our E and pumping up warm S'lys and SW'lys. Not sure what changes the foundations over the next few months to take us more profoundly towards a -AO/-NAO regime. Mid latitude HP is ruling the roost our side of the hemisphere. The upshot being, little rainfall and increasingly hot temperatures could be on the menu over the next few months.
  14. CreweCold

    Premier League Discussion

    You'll never give United any credit. Ever. Ole has done a great job. The fact we're even in contention for top 4, given where we were in December, is a miracle in itself. You hate United, just come out and say so.