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  1. I think we saw some sun briefly. Sent temperatures up before it clouded over. Was quite cool to finish the afternoon at about 14c
  2. Yep know that word, grandad used to use it. He was from Staffordshire though so think it must be a wider Midlands term.
  3. Quite amusing reading all these moaning posts. Been fine here, if rather cloudy today. We had 3 hours of rain on Saturday night and that has been it. Hit 20c around dinner time.
  4. Exactly what the seasonal models were predicting- Mean HP sat just to our west and a rather benign pattern across the UK. The pattern was advertised as being a predominant one months back.
  5. Had about 7-8mm fall looking at local gauges. It's something. Still raining but light now.
  6. Finally, some rain. Hopefully will be enough to perk the grass verges up that are starting to go straw coloured.
  7. I’m not so sure. We were originally shown to be sat under a trough this coming week but any rain for here has evaporated so to speak.
  8. Still bone dry here and Sunday’s rainfall looks to be fragmenting and pushing further east with every model run. Very dusty and dry here so would be nice to have a bit of rain to freshen everything up again.
  9. Pretty much at peak now. Mornings will start to draw out in a couple of days and the nights will start the process of drawing in shortly after. By mid July it becomes evident we’re losing daylight, by the 28th July we slip back into true darkness again overnight.
  10. Nope, never thought we were in with a shout. Now even the trough that was forecast for early next week looks to be dissolving from the modelling- pushed back to later next week now. Azores HP ridging really gets on my wick in summer, pretty much puts the kibosh on anything interesting. I had hoped this summer would carry on the thundery theme of last year as they tend to cluster like that.
  11. Could do with a bit of rain really. Ground already looking dusty, tired and parched.
  12. GFS still showing some very heavy rain pushing N through Saturday night. Hopefully some embedded cells. Love that type of rainfall…the lightning just comes out of nowhere amongst the deluge.
  13. I can say with pretty much 100% certainty that there will be no storms in Cheshire tonight.
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