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  1. Latest GFS run not totally out of the blue given the suggestions of a cold March for a number of weeks now. Also, here was last night's GEFS ensemble mean for pressure anomaly at day 16 Fits in very well with the tail end of the 0z run shown below
  2. It goes into full on muppet mode in FI with disrupting troughing and widespread -8 uppers That run in FI is pretty much March 2013
  3. Bang on cue for first day of meteorological spring GFS wants to usher in winter
  4. On the flip side, that's a guaranteed top 4 finish for Arsenal in the league. Same pattern every year. Saying this, I don't think they deserve a place in the CL, it's a wasted one IMO!
  5. Oh hang on, what's this... GFS has started to pick up on that ridge moving out of Canada which can be traced back to day 8. It's enough on this run to initiate something of interest.
  6. You're deluded mate. United getting nowhere near the title this year. Top 4 the aim.
  7. Brilliant decision to let Moki back on the forum if I may say so myself...popular member! Welcome back @Mokidugway

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      Let Mokiduway back on? Didn't know they were barred.

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      I thought he had gone to prison :help::wink:

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  8. Chelsea have the title 99% in the bag. Our head to heads with the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham in April/May will decide whether we get top 4 IMO. Win those and it's on. Lose them and we miss out.
  9. At what? I wanted a Liverpool win before the match as it serves to reign Tottenham in. The more teams that are around us on terms of points, the more chance that one of them will slip up enough to let us in. Brilliant result tbh. Only 1 point behind you and 2 points behind the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham. Game on! Can still see 'Pool finishing outside of top 4. Tottenham were woeful today and made Liverpool looks miles better than they were. Walked into pretty much every trap in that first half. Traps that even the smaller teams haven't been walking in to.
  10. Pochettino has to shoulder the blame for this one I'm afraid. Time and again Liverpool have shown that their game plan will include a first half of pressing. What do Spurs do? Play the ball around the back and play right into Liverpool's hands- this despite having a couple of first choice defenders out. Even the smaller teams have figured out how to crack Liverpool and render them toothless yet the supposed 'best up and coming manager' hasn't figured this? Damage was done all in about 25 minutes at start of first half.
  11. May aswell hand the trophy to Chelsea now...intriguing race for top 4 emerging now though. Wide open.
  12. Seems to be snowing here properly now, moderate sized flakes
  13. Light snow falling here
  14. Corresponding 850's anomaly Here is the corresponding run from 24 hours ago Note the signal for Greenland warmth and our cold plunge from the NE
  15. The CFS was actually the one model that wasn't interested at all in a high lat blocked December and also it never had February down as being of note in this respect. The only month it flirted with high latitude heights was January. The last time I saw the model so stubborn in its outlook (with a similar recurring anomaly profile) was prior to March 2013. Not saying that will be the case this time...merely pointing it out.