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  1. 0z GFS would bring a rain/sleet/snow mix
  2. Entirely feasible, high ground could get a pasting.
  3. Genuinely can't understand why there is some melt going on here when both temp and DP are below freezing. It defies physics. Not the first time I've noticed this happen.
  4. Not very often here has more snow than Stockport. Will never forget those haunting images of Stockport centre under 1ft of snow 09/10 ish whilst we got maximum 5cm
  5. Premier League Discussion

    Because I don't think Mourinho has it in his locker. When we went a goal down and we actually started pressing them back a bit more, their defense was exposed and we got the goal. This seemed to be a reaction from the players more than anything though. It was clear as day that the aim was to bypass the midfield area as we have no-one there who can hold the ball when Pogba isn't playing. Quite pitiful that we have no cover for him in all honesty. Our fate in this match was sealed as soon he got the red card last weekend.
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Defensively they were nothing special, looked quite vulnerable in fact. I'm disappointed we decided to sit back for so long in the first half, rather than having a go at them. It was purely tactical why we looked so bad (including not having Pogba available) and I think Mourinho may have lost that bit of nous that made him so special once upon a time.
  7. BBC weather website showing -8 here tomorrow night now
  8. Just the odd flake mate Just seen your other post, no didn't get any more pics as had my hands full with shopping and I didn't want to look like a weirdo haha
  9. Premier League Discussion

    Yep Annoying how Lukaku gifted them two goals and then missed a sitter at the end to equalise.
  10. Winter wonderland outside. Been for a long walk. Happy as Larry!

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  11. Winter wonderland here...just been for a long walk. Amazing
  12. Also I'll just add...for those N of Cheshire in the region, situations like the GFS is showing this morning can spring surprises Little features crossing over the Irish Sea in sub 528 DAM air
  13. I can sense people are frustrated and annoyed this morning...and with good reason. I think though that there will be other opportunities after Christmas into Jan. Looks to me like there will be another attempt to take the trop vortex down...possibly through a downwelling strat warming event sometime around Christmas.
  14. Models don't look great this morning do they. I wonder if we'll finally get that zonal winter that all the long rangers have been pointing to?
  15. Yep I will count myself very lucky I saw what I did.