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  1. Nothing happened here last night (other than some distant flashes) and I can almost guarantee nothing will happen here today too. So I'm feeling a bit cranky too. As for later on in the week, the N is shown to largely become more devoid of activity as it starts to focus down S... Starting to feel I'll get the worst of both ends with this one.
  2. Missed it all here bar some distant flashing and a few faint rumbles earlier.
  3. NW England about to get clobbered. Bit too far S here unfortunately.
  4. That eastern cell is a right mover btw. Going against the steering flow so definitely supercellular. Not surprised to hear of rotation within it.
  5. I think this is the development that will become more elevated in nature as it drifts N. Could be some high lightning rates as it trundles N through the evening.
  6. Things destabilising rapidly to my SE. A lot of crisp towering with a stream of ACas ahead of it.
  7. Yep sad when people get jumped all over for daring to take a view that differs from what people want to see. Whatever happens from now on, people can't really moan about this August.
  8. Not heard anything mate but then I'm stuck in work until 10.30. Noticed it went dark to the SW/W
  9. More likely associated with the 850mb Theta-E gradient pushing NE through the night, due to be over Wales by sunrise. We'll see if anything initiates further W as it encounters some minor PV filaments lifting up from the SW.
  10. Not really, August heat doesn't bother me at all...especially when there is a risk of storms thrown in. More I was thinking out loud.
  11. We went through a storm drought up here for years. It was really quite depressing.
  12. Some insane CAPE values around on Tuesday if we can trigger its release
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