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  1. Anything that's red isn't a tan, you're just increasing your risk of melanoma.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    The bottom clubs always play against us like it's their cup final. Just seems to be extra motivation when playing United. This being said, we were shocking!
  3. 2003 wasn't a low solar year. 2007 is really quite similar to now in that respect.
  4. No but there is such a thing as seasonal wavelengths (mean jet position/ attenuation and such) which alter as the seasons progress. It stands to reason that the base pattern we find ourselves in now, will not be the same come June. Given the ascent into a neutral ENSO scenario (still moving towards that outcome), it figures we'll see a variation in the background state between now and summer. Once there, we may languish for some time in whatever that outcome may be. My view? I happen to believe that we are following a certain trajectory this year; all things considered perhaps more 2007 than 1976...but we'll see.
  5. Post warm spell, there seems to be a decentish signal for a Scandi trough to run the show The nuances we will likely see in the modelling will dictate to what extent temperatures across the UK are affected, the control goes quite cold on the 12z suite Some stonkers in this suite TBH (synoptically speaking)
  6. What are you doing on a weather forum then
  7. I detest hot and humid weather but first and foremost I'm an extreme weather enthusiast so some violent storms would take precedence over the discomfort of the accompanying conditions.
  8. I can deal with it to an extent if the trade off is repeated thundery outbreaks. I haven't seen a truly thundery summer for yonks!
  9. Well it screams 'walking a tightrope' to me. Could just as easily end up soaking wet and humid.
  10. UEFA Champions League

    And on Michael Oliver... This is the man who failed to produce a red for Joe Hart for headbutting him, but Di Maria got a red for tapping him on the shoulder Given the emotion at that stage of the match between Madrid and Juventus, I think a red for Buffon was completely arbitrary and not needed. A decent ref like Collina was would have noted the context and calmed the situation. It seems Oliver couldn't control a bike with stabilisers. The standard of refereeing in this country is appalling.
  11. UEFA Champions League

    Ronaldo is 33 I think. As you can see, he's not in bad shape
  12. The GLOSEA April update is out for summer 2018 HP to the NE and quite troughy around the UK It doesn't preclude the chance of a warm continental flow at times IMO...
  13. Image result for robinsons refresh'd

    1. lassie23


      goat juice:cc_confused:

    2. CreweCold


      I hope not. I bought one of these once. Tasted like raspberry :cc_confused:

  14. So we at last look like we will see an early taste of summer as we get an Atlantic troughing- Sceuro HP set up. In high summer this would be a pretty unbearable set up heat wise, but in April it should just be warm and pleasant with maximas for most at 24-27C Longer term? I think that it is all still to play for...however my hunch (as I alluded to the other day) would be for the jet to head S and for pressure to rise in general to the N of the UK...possibly focused more to the NE.
  15. Premier League Discussion

    Sure...but from what I've seen, it doesn't look like it touches him at all. Even if it did, it did not affect the flight of the ball as it would literally be a shirt fibre that brushed the ball. I just can't understand why he wouldn't let Erikssen have it. As someone on the HYS section has said: 'A formal appeal to take a goal from a team mate because it brushed your shoulder - and to swear on your daughters life - is just very sad !'