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  1. Can't be that often that you see something like this modelled in June
  2. BBC weather yesterday were saying how thunderstorms could be triggered ahead of the front out west on Friday
  3. Always thought it stood for towering cumulus
  4. OMG I can remember that one. Now I feel old.
  5. Something perhaps starting to develop across Wales down in towards the SW?
  6. Quelle Surprise...I'm still in here. Sigh. Barely even a spot of rain has even fallen this weekend.
  7. Storms developed literally 5 miles E of here before pushing off on their way NE. I give up, I really do. Same crap different year.
  8. No reason to change my thoughts from early last month
  9. Top temperature of 28.9C here today
  10. We can leave Moki to hire the entertainment
  11. Peaked at 28.3C here today...not too shabby but getting into the 'too warm for me' category!
  12. You'd be surprised. I thought the same. However I've seen him post outside of NW and he would blow you away with his understanding. Seriously.
  13. I duno, you've always had it spot on for here when you've said I'll get nothing