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  2. Aye, turned into an unexpectedly wet night across my part of the country. The EURO4 was much too far SE with its placement
  3. GFS said no rain at 3am over my area, or across large swathes of the country for that matter 2.30 am and there is currently a large swathe of rain across the UK (mainly W Midlands, NW England), pushing NNE.
  4. Fair enough- GFS suggestive of convective element however At the very least there will be some torrential rain knocking around I would have thought.
  5. Latest GFS thoughts on CF development tomorrow evening West Midlands-Cheshire up into Manchester and Lancashire way
  6. Tomorrow looks more it has done for a while
  7. Looks to me as though the CF is set to develop a wave, which brings the risk of storm activity further N&W through tomorrow. This can be seen on the GFS 12z
  8. Haha is that for real??
  9. Well the last few days have been thoroughly wet here....
  10. Aye fortunately looking like up here we may not be afflicted by the level of heat that MAY occur further S and E. Though one does get the impression the core of the heat is being shifted ever further E with each model run now. 30C may still be breached somewhere in the SE though as 20C uppers are still shown to graze the far SE on the GFS 18z. Will have to see how this pans out over the next couple of days of modelling. Further into FI on the 18z sees some eye watering N blocking take hold with Greenland high and associated deep troughing to our NE.....would like to see that scenario repeat in December!
  11. In all honesty, even though I never watched it, I think it has to be the Brookside theme. Probably the best soap theme music there has ever been, even if not the most recognisable
  12. Agreed on that one! What a completely different proposition we look under Mourinho, it's like a breath of fresh air. Pogba grew into the game and looked immense in the second half.
  13. Won't be hitting 35C towards the last week of August...would require something quite special for that. We're at the time of year now where solar input decline is really quite evident. Low 30s much more possible. It's pretty much the inverse of those late Feb cold spells that are never quite as cold as they would have been 4 weeks earlier.
  14. autumn

    VERY good signs with NE Europe showing 'colder late'.....sets the scene for winter nicely if that is near the mark. Sounds like they expect the jet to progress further S as the season progresses...hence the 'increasingly wet' signature for France and N Spain. All quite Nov 2009.
  15. Well if we have I've certainly missed them!