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  1. Vortex is toast on that chart- and best thing is we keep the bigger piece over the Canadian side, which would preclude a West based - NAO
  2. Well your bet would be where mine is placed too for what it's worth.
  3. I suspect this will be the first of many crazy NH views we see over the coming weeks.
  4. I just happened to quote you but the gist of my post wasn't solely aimed at you. I've no idea why you took it the way you did. Then you blame me for not seeing an edit you made whilst I was replying to the pre-edited quote. Those snow charts are terrible, that was the upshot of the point I was trying to raise.
  5. You've just answered your own question. Your post wasn't shown as 'edited' when I quoted it. As you can clearly see from the bit that's quoted
  6. Why do people keep posting these charts when time and again they've proved to be about as useful as a catflap on a submarine?
  7. Displacement or not, it looks as though this warming may severely knacker the vortex We've also had hints in the extended modelling that we will indeed see a wave 2 attack shortly after.
  8. The warming initiates circa day 10 now...it's moving forward.
  9. Highest point in Blackpool? Isn't that like 10 metres? Or do you mean top of the tower?
  10. Something like this...I'd probably tweak it slightly to lessen the deep low anomalies to the S with a more discrete LP anomaly N France, Germany, Denmark sort of area. Either way, I think mean wind direction will be NE'ly throughout the period of interest. I'm also unsure about how much troughing will be left Canadian side...Which leads me to my thoughts of a 20% chance of blocking being too west based. That's a low risk IMO for now though. We'll just have to see how everything unfolds. Found this online when attempting to find an analogue that suits my thoughts..believe it's from the NW winter forecast
  11. Still bloody raining!