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  1. You could say that about just about any synoptic situation shown in the NWP. A 'tweak' could change a SWly into a Wly, a SE'y into an Ely and so forth.
  2. The point being, if everyone kept their hands clean there wouldn't be such an issue with seasonal viruses; many of which you can't build an immunity to due to their mutating nature. There's no excuse for not being as sterile as you can within reason. Completely impractical in the real world but in theory if we took the same approach to common colds and Norovirus as we did to ebola, we could pretty much erradicate them too.
  3. Obsession with sterility?! You should see some of the states that walk through the doors at work. I have to hold my breath with some customers. Add to that a general plague of people who see fit to cough, sneeze and leak bodily fluids everywhere and you'll excuse me for thinking that peoples' hygiene standards aren't high enough. Go and lick an ATM keypad or the door handle to public toilets and see if people are too sterile then!
  4. Barcelona really do play some beautiful football. What a goal that 4th one was. City being taught a lesson here.
  5. Either way I struggle to see how the Atlantic gets in properly from here. Just a matter of time before heights build once again either to NW or NE In the mean time we see a ridge promoting pleasant days and chilly nights
  6. GFS suggestive of a possible eventual split at the end of the run into November, certainly a lot of pressure being put on the fledgling vortex. As others have said, very interesting.
  7. What a horrifically boring match it has been.
  8. Been in that exact same situation mate. It's a nightmare. Pulled this girl years back on a night out...went back to hers and I've never seen anything quite like it. Couldn't get me back out of that front door quick enough! Also, there's a difference between messy and dirty. This house was both.
  9. Pickled onion all day for me
  10. autumn

    Perfectly plausible we see mobility for a while...we are not going to head into winter completely blocked throughout. November 2009 is an example of the right kind of mobility...with weak heights ever present across the N latitudes rather than a raging PV.
  11. Fair enough, there is almost always a relaxation of the pattern before it emerges once more. I'd rather these synoptics reappear later on in November, which, given the strat charts I've seen looks a fair possibility.
  12. I think just the mould would taste better
  13. I don't know but I'd suggest the stuff certainly isn't fit for consumption! If there was ever a food product I'd ever want to buy the least, Marmite is that product.