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  1. Yep. Whatever happened to the Welsh Marches path where thunderstorms would push N through Shrewsbury, Whitchurch, Market Drayton etc then head into Cheshire? Always used to happen when I was a kid....used to get some right beasts that way. Doesn't happen anymore that's for sure.
  2. Count yourself lucky, not even a rumble here!
  3. Couldn't make it up. Even looks like parts of Manchester are going to get hit now. Going to bed anyway, been a long night.
  4. Funny how things always seem to unfold within a 20 mile radius of me. Storms exploding to life now just to my N. Typical.
  5. I suppose you could have come via Crewe and we could have had a journey up the M6 (or along the A55 to Anglesey).....would have been worth it but nevermind, I thought it may actually be a bit more widespread than it has been!
  6. 200+mm per hr. What I wouldn't give to be there right now.....sigh!
  7. Yep, nowt happening around these here parts Kev. The wait for a decent storm continues.
  8. Some slight precipitation breaking out around the Welsh Marches and fringing into West Midlands now
  9. Bloody crap so far. Been up all night and there's nowt happening for miles. As you say, don't know how those cells in the Irish Sea are suddenly going to veer east.
  10. Nowt is going to happen here that's for sure. Seen enough now to suggest that the main area will slaide up the Irish Sea and probably make landfall somewhere on the Lancashire coast. Think GFS has barked up the wrong tree on this one sadly.
  11. Moisture in the air? You mean actual precipitation then...