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  1. Surprised how much lying snow I arrived home to in West Didsbury/Northenden just now, proper wet covering there. M60 also a total nightmare with loads of accidents.
  2. Evening all, didn’t think I’d be back in here for a few months yet. hope you’re all ok. Had a belting shower earlier. IMG_9242.MOV
  3. ..... and whilst I’m reflecting, I don’t care what anyone says. West is best. 30th Jan 2019. Probably deeper snow than I’ll ever get off the North Sea.
  4. Note to self, for future reference IMBY. Some easterlies good. .... others not so good. There ARE differences which I’ll try and bear in mind for next time. We need those lower heights! And a proper Scandy High. Chasing this one has been a blast - thanks for the brilliant company. Like others, I wouldn’t say no to some warmer weather now. As ever we’ll get what we’re given.
  5. Why the sudden reinvigoration of the snow? That was weird. So much so I thought they were false returns.
  6. Maybe these radar returns are more accurate? Would seem that way going from reports. Any reports from Chester way?
  7. Not to be trusted. Seemed to pop out of nowhere!
  8. Not a single flake here. Nothing. To be expected. The block has dried everything out. 0C/-12C Meteorologically, a very interesting day.
  9. True... You’re right it is more of a southerly or SSE’ly. We’ll see.
  10. Hahaha I’d be very surprised if we get anything here. Would be a great end to the spell if we get an unforecast dusting. Good to see some settling in Liverpool .
  11. If the snow makes it this far east , and presuming it isn’t just virga , will be interesting to see how much of a shadow effect there is today. There is a fairly strong SE’ly wind. Good to see snow in Liverpool, about time.
  12. 0C/-14C at Manchester airport now @Weather-history those GFS charts weren’t wrong !
  13. That’s something at least. It’s finally reaching the ground.
  14. Radar has you under heavy snow. Not light or moderate, heavy. You’d be a bit cheesed off if you had a lie in, checked the radar when you woke up and expected to open the curtains to a winter wonderland. Stupid hobby this.
  15. I assume there is no falling snow on the Wirral right now?
  16. Does anyone else recall such a significant difference between radar & reality before? I can’t.
  17. The North Wales reports suggest nothing. Bone dry. Even under those deep orange and yellow colours. Bizarre - but probably best explained by these exceptionally low dewpoints.
  18. I cannot believe how deceptively promising this looks. You would think Liverpool was about to get another Feb 96. This is actually very cruel. Some light snow has to come from this, surely?
  19. Snowing on the IOM. Isle of Man Government - Peel Marina WWW.GOV.IM Web cam of Peel Marina
  20. what could possibly go wrong eh? It’s such a shame because if you just looked at the radar you would assume it was game on - especially for the Wirral.
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