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  1. No it’s still -1C (DP -6C) at Manchester Airport. Still exceptionally cold really with a significant wind chill. Any melt is coming from the sun.
  2. I hope so. Would be so cruel for such a tiny area to miss out when only a mile or so down the road has a very good cover. Brilliant event here, I think the deepest snow since at least Jan 2015, maybe even Jan 2010.
  3. Poor buggers who live in Alty. Been that way all night.
  4. Blimey! Must be about 10cm outside! Even more to come on the radar!
  5. Must force myself to go to sleep now but it really is great out there. Continuous light to moderate snow pushing in off the Pennines settling on all surfaces. Couple of cm deep at present. If the green echoes make it this side of the hills for any length of time then we could have several cm by the morning.
  6. Just in from a night out. Moderate horizontal powder snow, drifting in places. -2C/-5C
  7. Another belting shower just passed through
  8. Showers packing in here thick and fast. Each one heavier than the last. For this location the showers hit between Sheffield and Stocksbridge before arriving here 20 mins later so that’s where my eyes are glued at present. PLENTY of showers upstream.
  9. Hahah . Hope it perks up for you this afternoon . I’m not near a window currently but apparently it’s belting it down outside
  10. You were expecting more this morning? Why?
  11. I could be wrong but I think the next few hours are going to be frustrating for my part of Manchester. Two distinct lines of showers have developed and I think we may be in the dry slot in the middle. North Manc and North Cheshire potentially doing well though.
  12. A heavy shower about to hit Failsworth and parts of North Manc
  13. It’s very early days mate - wasn’t expecting much this side of the hills until lunchtime. If anything this is all happening quite early.