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  1. Showers packing in here thick and fast. Each one heavier than the last. For this location the showers hit between Sheffield and Stocksbridge before arriving here 20 mins later so that’s where my eyes are glued at present. PLENTY of showers upstream.
  2. Hahah . Hope it perks up for you this afternoon . I’m not near a window currently but apparently it’s belting it down outside
  3. You were expecting more this morning? Why?
  4. I could be wrong but I think the next few hours are going to be frustrating for my part of Manchester. Two distinct lines of showers have developed and I think we may be in the dry slot in the middle. North Manc and North Cheshire potentially doing well though.
  5. A heavy shower about to hit Failsworth and parts of North Manc
  6. It’s very early days mate - wasn’t expecting much this side of the hills until lunchtime. If anything this is all happening quite early.
  7. Meanwhile, in Buxton. Not exactly a standard March evening.
  8. 12z EURO4 Snow accumulation by 06z Sunday. never thought I’d see the day! https://expert-images.images-weatheronline.com/daten/proficharts/en/euro4/2018/03/16/basis12/ukuk/weas/18031806_1612.gif
  9. There seems to be quite a signficant theme now across the high res output for quite a notable streamer to affect Northern England. If the 06z Arpege verfifies, much of Northern England will get clobbered, including Manchester and Liverpool. https://www.meteociel.com/modeles/arpege.php?ech=40&mode=1&map=330 The HIRLAM has the streamer slightly further south. Will be a radar job, but currently looking good.
  10. Hmmm I’m not fully convinced this is a rain shadow situation. The wind is extremely light (barely any to speak of), normally you need a moderate E/SE’ly. Yes there were suspicious gaps in the radar but they have since filled in. I think we’ve just been unlucky with the intensity of the precipitation. West is best this morning!
  11. North west regional discussion

    I have a horrible feeling the snow shadow effect is kicking in, now frontal precipitation is at play. Radar looking quite sparse over Manchester now with precipitation going very light as soon as it reaches here. I could well be wrong, and things could change!
  12. North west regional discussion

    Yep. Hard to measure the depth as it varies so much. But quite deep in places.