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  1. Yes agreed.. the showers to the NW of Hull are the ones to watch for Manchester. The one currently over North Cheshire came inland over Hull itself so the second batch could be more favourable.
  2. There’s a chance that as the winds swing round more to a NE’ly, some of those beefier showers in the NE at present could move further south and west. Thats if they stay intact - they may well not make it this far. Either way, definitely the risk of some further showers through the day today.
  3. Unbelievable ! Fresh covering of snow here - totally unforecast! Not just a tiny bit either ! Well done to the people who said watch out to the east for showers.
  4. This is such a good post. A “cold westerly” delivers to lowland south Manchester once every 4-5 years or so. It is just about the only setup which delivers here, certainly more than a light dusting. Every time it happens the Met Office always underplays it and it often comes as a surprise - I genuinely think yesterday morning warranted an amber warning here but the streamer was barely mentioned on forecasts the day before. Sometimes local knowledge is the best forecast - predicting convective streamers relies on knowing what has delivered in the past, given a very specific wind direction and speed.
  5. Less melting in south Manc today compared to yesterday! Surprised by this. Snow amounts tonight barely changed from this morning. Must be drier air.
  6. Take solace that locations in the NW that usually miss out (compared to your patch) , got an absolute pasting yesterday. Wasn’t slushy for us! I’m allowed to boast as 99% of the time north and east Manchester do better than here. ?
  7. Sunday looks too mild for most of us I think. Yes quite an active front is picked up on the GFS at least, but dewpoints go above freezing pretty quickly. Transitory snow possible for high ground but nothing more (unless things change nearer the time which they may do)
  8. Hello ? No! Has been a lot of thawing today but we had so much in the first place a lot has lasted too. I doubt there’s any left in the city centre. Tonight its all freezing over
  9. A little snow shower in progress here. None of us should expect much convective activity tonight - nothing is forecast bar a couple of isolated showers. Edit - looking at the radar, coastal areas may catch a few showers over the next couple of hours
  10. I doubt there is much left in the city centre but plenty left here. We had a really heavy fall - over 10cm. There is some melting today but it’ll all refreeze tonight. Tomorrow morning will be a nightmare, but because of ice, not snow.
  11. Some photos from South Manchester this morning, at 40m ASL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC snowfall! So, so chuffed. Well done to the Euro4 and GFS.
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