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  1. Looks fantastic on all of the webcams at present. They are selling sunrise passes for Saturday morning that allow a limited number of customers to access the first lift-served runs of the season. That would be epic! Many thanks again Malcolm.
  2. Many thanks Malcolm. Hoping for an early season powder skiing treat over the Christmas week at La Plagne. Fingers crossed that the ill-placed predicted HP South East of the Alps doesn't verify next week!
  3. Evening all. Any thoughts on the week ahead in the French Alps? The Snow Forecast site seems to be flip flopping hugely between freezing levels for next Friday 13th and what could be a really significant early season event. Am I right in thinking that this website uses the GFS model for its data? What's the likely snowline verification folks?
  4. Awful until 8pm. Since then chucking it down and settling on all surfaces. Early 6 nations start tomorrow afternoon then. Tredegar Arms for you / Machen RFC for me!!
  5. The front has totally stalled but not degrading quickly either. Should be hours of moderate snow left in this for many.
  6. Starting to settle in the valley for the first time now.
  7. The Met Office have got their boss man onto it today. Still looking good for most in South Wales.
  8. No dramas mate. Expect Orange by mid morning if not before.
  9. Anyone worried about Thursday needs to take a look at this from the Met Office. Deputy Chief Forecaster puts the valleys into the sweetspot for probability. Skip to about 15 mins onwards for Thursday. Well explained by her.
  10. Hello all. Back for the crazy season again. Looks like the valleys could be in the firing line for the best of UK snow again this week. Those reading the MAD thread over time will confirm that those folk in there need Beasterlies to get their boat floated in the SE. North Westerlies deliver for us here in God's country despite the knife edge marginality as always. However, wet snow is our default and big flakes pile up pretty quickly right? Looks like we will have a couple of potential events this week - Tuesday and Thursday. Andy / Keith / Julian - what's your current thinking? Good Luck all.
  11. Next Thursday's slider is going to have a 48 hour stall right above Brynmill Lane!
  12. The small low over St Malo in Normandy should arrive by 4-5AM for the Beast's goodbye present. (The Euro 4 model has it too.) Could be a few hours of intense wet flake PPN at the same time as the lowest traffic flow leaving some pretty hairy road conditions come sunrise. Eyes down for the radar watch. Location and timing is one for the die-hard all-nighter snow fans amongst you!
  13. Radar showing this next batch intensifying into an organised front. Massive change in an hour and probably another 4-5 hours of this to come - maybe more!
  14. The moisture feed from Normandy just keeps on rebuilding!
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