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  1. Temp fallen 0.5C in last ten minutes and now wet snow.
  2. That park is full of hippos for some weird reason!
  3. Just had 50mph winds whip up out of nowhere. Amazing noise, you can hear it building.
  4. The town park in Glenrothes this afternoon. Never seen it like this, and our hill road is flooded in places I have never seen flood before either.
  5. Approaching 2cm up here in the space of about 20 mins.
  6. Snowing and settling here, 1.9C. Surprised to find that the weather station recorded a max sustained speed of 57.1mph and a gust of 63.1mph at 00:45....which is stronger than either Ciara or Dennis. Not sure how I managed to sleep through that!
  7. Yep there are some very odd noises I've not heard before! And the security light keeps coming on. Currently 45mph gusting 55mph.
  8. Drizzle, 2.4C, slushy 7cm remaining. Got down to -1.6C last night so the coldest since 2018. edit, oops, just realised we had -3.5C on 1st Feb 2019!
  9. Lovely! Always seems a bit of a waste when you don’t get the blue skies after a heavy fall. That’s my only gripe with March 2018. Sooooooo bloody grey!
  10. Some more pics from this morning in the Lomond Hills. Just the most sublime colours at sunrise. We had 12cm this morning, sunny all day except for a slight freshening up in the afternoon, now -0.7C and crazy icy on the road.
  11. Strike that. We’ve just gone down to -0.1C!! <faints>
  12. Gawd, since when? I've had a truly uncharacteristic TWO since 1st December!
  13. The Lomonds by torchlight this evening. The sound....the smell.....the cold.....breathing clouds into the torchlight. Oh it's heaven! ? As expressed by other folk, delighted to finally see snow in the lang toun! !
  14. Some piccies from work in West Lothian today. Suffice to say it wasn't the most productive day I've had ?
  15. A wet 9cm here now.....but also up to 1.4C and feeling more marginal in anything other than the heavy stuff.
  16. Parked up when I got home.....and just sat there in the car for a bit. Mesmerising to watch ? Blizzard Feb 20-HD 720p.mov
  17. They're pretty good at keeping that open.....but plan for the worst just in case. Sleeping bag, spade, food and wotnot ? Gawd I haven't had to carry all that stuff for years. Used to carry it around in the car boot as standard when driving about the highlands and Perthshire in winter, and needed some or all of that kit once or twice. Still a good idea in colder spells. PS - 62mph now.
  18. Yeah the Jan 2012 one was bonkers here. Never heard anything quite like that in my life. That constant roar, interspersed by the sound of the occasional 150yr old beech tree thudding down outside. Wasn't there something in May, maybe 2011? That was quite damaging here as the trees were coming into leaf.
  19. 59.6mph just now. That's the highest we've had here since 18th September 2018 (64mph). Amazing how you can hear surges like that approaching over 10 seconds or so, as the sound builds. Had to shore up the fence as a few more like that and it's coming down.
  20. 47.9mph highest here today, which is stronger than yesterday but yep still sounds relatively calm out there.
  21. Rancid rancid rancid rancid rancid!!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  22. Peak gust here 45.6mph, so nothing out the ordinary. Just sounds worse than it is on the house up here when there's more of a southerly angle. When it's a SW'erly we barely hear it. An easterly on the other hand, well.....those sound decidedly weird. All kinds of odd rumbles and whistles and creaks.
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