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  1. 1.6C here with the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen 😮
  2. Didn't last long. Only minutes......but it was worth rushing out the door for! High of 1C here today but back down to 0.1C now. Had about 1mm top-up this afternoon.
  3. Gawd it's a beautiful day up here! Another beautifully cold and crisp day in the Lomonds 🙂 The northerly is great cos it means the sunny side of the house is dead calm, and with the brightness off the snow it's actually t-shirt weather. It's very continental in feel. We got down to -1.1C this morning, making it our sixth air frost of the winter so far. One more, and we'll have had the same number of air frosts in the past week as we had in the whole of last winter!
  4. Great to see such widespread snowfall today 🙂 ......but sorry to hear the usual suspects are still snowless 😞 Remind me never to move to the East Neuk 😉 The road up here was crazy today. Apparently a car on its roof on the Falkland side, while on the Leslie side it was a seemingly endless 2WD summer tyre fiasco with cars abandoned and lots of revving and pushing 😉 Still, it looked nice outside! My boss is VERY understanding of my snow needs so didn't hesitate in letting me take a day's holiday. East Lomond in the morning, West Lomond in the afternoon.....and both were very busy, unsu
  5. Snow? Sun forecast for tomorrow? Hmm...might have to ask my boss for a day off 😉
  6. Erm.....how the dickens do I find that out?? 😉 1C here, dew point is -2.7C and all the snow is passing over Leslie and missing us completely.
  7. Not nearly as snowy as other lucky folk on here, but it was nice and atmospheric at work this morning, and to be honest it's always nice to be gritting cos that means it's COLD!! 🙂 As ever though, it was snowier out west around Blackridge/Heights 🙂
  8. Sometimes it feels like that's all I EVER do! 🤣 I actually quite miss that old existence pre-internet when you had no idea. You just looked out the window and suddenly, quite unexpectedly, there it was 🙂 A few years ago I toyed with the idea of staying away from weather forecasts altogether for a winter season to see whether I could recapture that childlike 'OOOO! IT'S SNOWING! LOOK MUM, IT'S SNOWING!!!!' wonder but......ugh, I couldn't be bothered 😉
  9. Ha ha! To be fair it does feel quite unusual for Boxing Day. I've always found it to be a reliable day for walking off the gluttony.....1998 notwithstanding of course! Anyway festive greetings to everyone on here. Lovely to see the wintriness up north for the chosen few 🙂
  10. Snap! And apart from the 11.6C the other day, it's pretty much been 6C and wet here every day for what feels like weeks now. It feels like someone's pressed 'PAUSE' on our weather.
  11. The east must surely be in the running for one of the dullest Decembers on record? To be honest the only coping mechanism I have for winter months like this is getting up into the snow on the higher hills....but that looks like being off limits well into the new year. Ugh, it sucks!
  12. I'm as shocked as anyone else to find that sunshine is illuminating the walls of my home this morning. That's the first time it's happened since Saturday 5th December!! On the subject of mud and waterlogging, it's causing us real problems at work in trying to maintain path networks. I've never seen Beecraigs looking as sodden as it did last weekend. Burns in unusual places, new lagoons, new tracks, mud everywhere. The paths (especially in the country parks) come under pressure every winter of course, but it's not usually a problem until later in the season. The past two months have been h
  13. Such an excellent word. Sums the majority of our weather up perfectly 😉 Meanwhile, at home.....going, going......
  14. Did you even need to ask? 😉 We had a top-up of 14cm, but it's packing down quickly in the drizzle. It stopped snowing about 7am but it was sleet from about 6am. Carpe diem!!! 🙂
  15. Nipped into Kinross this afternoon / evening and could be forgiven for thinking I'd climbed a hill in Norway! 😮
  16. Hmm.....pondering whether to stay up for a headtorch walk or risk getting up super early to do the same. Might have to do the former, as walking through sopping wet snow as it turns to rain is the absolute pits!
  17. 2cm here.....and still no air frost this season. Headed straight out the door before even having breakfast though 😉
  18. I'm envious of the stunning scenes you'll have if & when the cloud lifts. Beautiful part of the world 🙂
  19. Aww, the fact that they're printed photos gives them an extra 'this is how it used to be, folks' quality 🙂
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