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  1. Spent the day trotting along the Grey Corries.....with no footprints and nobody else about. Never had the ridge to myself before! Bonkers amounts of snow up there, such that it looks more like Alaska or the Alps. Normally-rocky ridges have been engulfed in wind-carved snow and are now knife edges, and there are enormous avalanches everywhere. Epic!
  2. Remember winter tyres aren't purely for snow. They're recommended for below 7C, especially in wet conditions. I tend to be out & about in the car in mornings and evenings and it's rarely been above 7C all winter, so I'll be keeping my winters on a wee bit longer. I normally take them off well into April unless the weather does something seriously weird.......but how often does THAT happen? :winky:
  3. Bonkers snow here about an hour ago.....but not settling. Snowing again now, mind. ...and this from the other night. Fife all lit up
  4. Reached 8.6C here this morning but has since fallen back to 5.4C, thankfully. Not willing to let go of the coolness just yet :winky: Anyway that makes this the warmest day here since 21st December.
  5. Still a few forlorn patches of snow in the garden.....and still not particularly mild. I'm starting to like this set-up if it means the hills get utterly plastered......assuming we can ever get up into them when there's no murk or gales or whiteouts of course!
  6. Now, this doesn't happen often but....... Events conspired in my favour this morning and I was able to hitch a ride from Perth to Drumochter and back, via Lochs Garry, Rannoch and Tummel. Never seen Scotland looking so beautiful
  7. Back to sleet now. 1.6C. Had a grand time on Ben Vrackie today though, and my snowshoes got their first (and overdue) outing of the winter
  8. Best snow this winter! 1cm already and blowing onto the vertical surfaces. Down to 0.2C.
  9. Snow here but flying horizontal. The fences but not the ground are going white. Temp dropped like a stone from 2.7C to 1.2C very quickly.
  10. Temperature picked up this afternoon to 3C, snow turned to rain......but now 0.9C and snowing again. All too wet out there just now but I'm sure the paps will be turning white.
  11. Oh, something that's not happened this winter thus far - snowing when subzero. -0.6C here now.
  12. Ach well, snow is always welcome even if it doesn't render the landscape a monochrome picture. This was the hill road this morning.
  13. A glancing blow here left....wait for it.....1mm of snow! Off to phone Fife council to come and dig me out.
  14. Oh don't! I can't bear even a wafer thin mint of hope this late on in a disappointing season
  15. Nothing here yet. 2.2C and it's been that temperature all day so far.
  16. If anyone's thinking of heading up, mind to check the avalanche forecasts first. It's very dangerous just now: http://sais.gov.uk/
  17. My aunt lives in Chobham. They've had a huge oak tree come down but luckily it fell away from their house rather than on their bedroom!
  18. Typical. Snow at home on the weekend I'm down south in Warwickshire. <sobs>
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