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  1. Off for a pre-work snowshoe 😉 Have fun sledging, folks!! Oh sorry, I meant 'home schooling' 😉
  2. It was a slow start but we’ve had an extra 10cm up here this evening 🙂
  3. Railway Station is just above 212m on OS maps. Glenmore more like 300m.....although that 100m gain is incredibly subtle as you drive out that way. Braemar is a good 100m higher than Aviemore, and it certainly feels that way when you walk the Lairig Ghru southwards 😉
  4. Yeah, it didn't really factor into our decision to move here but I'm enormously thankful that we did. If and when we have to move I can't bear the thought of descending lower 😉 It'll have to be equal or higher. Am thinking of appealing to CNPA for planning permission for an annex on the side of Cairn Gorm's weather station. Not that we CAN ever move of course.....cos I've got over ten years worth of weather data for this location! Moving would render that data worthless. I'd have no historic figures to compare current weather against! AARGH!!! Trapped!! Nothing for it, we'll have to stay
  5. Ha ha, that's all they EVER show for this location. This past two weeks they've shown sleet 24hrs a day, EVERY day 😉 Meanwhile it's been snowing here steadily for the last 90 minutes or so but maybe only 1mm to show for it.
  6. Our road today 🙂 I pity the poor parents whose kids will soon be dragging them up the hill to play in the rather unpleasantly wet cover we currently have 😉 EDIT - then again, maybe said parents are snowmaniacs like the rest of us and it's THEM dragging the reluctant kids up the hill as an excuse to get out and play 😉 That's what I'd do!
  7. Easing off here now.....having left 5cm of crunchy wet snow. Down to 0.8C.
  8. 3cm here now. Not as cold as folk elsewhere though, hovering around 1.1C so I expect a repeat of last week when, despite it snizzling all night, I awoke to less snow than when I went to bed.
  9. Took its time to de-sleet but now snowing here. A slow slide down from 2.4C to 1.6C over the past 90 mins.
  10. Yep it was pretty spectacular from the Bathgate Hills today. A very settled layer of fog in the Forth Valley, with the Ochils and the three Forth bridges poking up through 🙂 Eerily calm.
  11. Our largest remaining snow patch in the garden this evening. Cover has waxed & waned since it first fell on 29th December, retreating to just a few small patches of ice for a day or two, but it was soon topped up and this is nonetheless our 22nd consecutive day with SOMETHING icy on the ground outside. Quite remarkable for this location in recent years 🙂
  12. Rapid thaw up here today. But still bloody cold in that wind.
  13. Sun's out!! 😮 Looks lovely but now 4.5C and melting fast.
  14. Well I genuinely hadn't expected to wake up to whiteness again, but if anything we've actually gained a cm or two. It was bucketing down when I went to bed, and according to the weather station it wasn't falling as rain until about 7am. Nice to see but it's pretty horrid to be out in. 3.3C so not the kind of snow that makes me want to run out and play 😉
  15. Nipped up a local Ochil this morning for a bit of snowshoeing. The snow was crunchy by the road but much softer and deeper above 300m. Not a breath of wind and so the spruce are still holding well 🙂 Visibility pretty impressive on the top too: And one of the best things about snow is having the otherwise invisible made visible. Otter party by the river 🙂
  16. Yep you'll often see them mingling with chaffinches, and they get lost in the general pinky-greyness 😉
  17. Temp climbing. Up to 1.5C and everything's getting wetter. Marginal here now, with cover compacting.
  18. Not a huge amount considering it's been going for 12 hours or more, but sooooooooo nice to wake up to 🙂 Heavier this morning than it was last night.
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