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  1. Gorgeous day here in Fife.....although still not reached 0C up in the Lomonds The frost hung about all day at Devilla Forest, though. I've missed this kind of weather!
  2. Got down to 0.4C this morning, which means still haven't reached 0C this season. Assuming it happens at some point in the next few weeks it'll be the latest I've recorded 0C up here in the past decade.
  3. Low of 0.1C here in the Lomonds, so we've still not had a subzero temperature this season. The latest I've recorded one since moving here in Summer 2010 was 6th December in 2014.
  4. As we're up on the hill we didn't go subzero here, bottoming out at a respectable 0.1C....but that's still the coldest October day since 26th October 2012 when it was -0.9C.
  5. <wakes......blinks......yawns.....stretches.....> Summer slumber over ;-)
  6. Was woken up by an incredible squall here at Mar Lodge just before 2am. Thunderbolt, lightning, very very frightening!
  7. Nothing particularly heavy here at Mar Lodge Estate but thankfully it has been raining all day. We’ve been on edge for weeks in case someone did something silly with a fire or bbq, so the rain is desperately needed to reduce the extreme fire risk.....but it’ll take much more of this to swell the rivers again and wet the peat.
  8. Been working at Mar Lodge Estate for four weeks now.....and haven't needed my waterproofs yet. Bonkers. You just know that as soon as the schools break up it will all go pear-shaped
  9. Ach well, it's that time of year I s'pose. It just seems harder to bear this year because it's been such a dull six weeks or so due to the persistence of the easterlies. I've got wonderful memories of west coast summit camping in April though, as it's usually a reliable time of year for that kind of thing - on Creach Bheinn in Ardgour, Rois-Bheinn in Moidart, and of two sun-drenched bone-dry weeks on Rum. But all of those trips were also accompanied by the smell of smoke in the air, as it's usually when the wildfires kick in........as the recent one on Rum highlights all too well. All the more reason to seize the moment if you're on the east coast.......like yesterday in Fife. Oh my word what a day!!!! Was it worth losing my job so that I could be in a position to head out yesterday? Quite possibly ;-) Anyway rather than photos here's a brief taster
  10. Yep, dead lambs up in the Lomonds today Our road is completely blocked for the second time in four weeks. Usually it happens every few years! But the very low sun came out just as it was setting and cast East Lomond in the weirdest light. Looks so inviting!
  11. Here in Fife we just haven't had any sunshine / snowy days other than the odd hour here and there. The prospect of a decent blue sky / deep snow day tomorrow.......well.......I think I might wet myself.
  12. It's all gone a bit nuts up here since the wind picked up a few hours ago. Even the icicles are scared of the wind.
  13. About 5 or 6 inches up here now. Hard to tell for sure as it's blowing around a fair bit. Yesterday was easily the best snow event here of the winter (but not the best quality snow) and today only seals that accolade further As has been the case for most of the past eight years or so, our heaviest snow of the season has come from frontal events after the spring equinox. Anyway I've just been out to fill the bird feeders, and it's brutal in that wind. Ski goggles mandatory! With snow forecast to fall all bloody day, a freeze overnight and then sunshine and blue skies tomorrow.......it's got the makings of a Lomonds classic. Can't wait!
  14. Yep Thursday is looking like THE day to get out and enjoy what's fallen
  15. Ooo lovely It's such good news for the higher hills north of the Central Belt. As much as I love winter I do like those spring days when you can spend longer in the hills, see the wildlife returning but still get an alpine experience on the summits due to the coires and ridges still being loaded.