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  1. The thaw's on......but the early bird gets the worm
  2. Before and after shots from up here, from yesterday and today
  3. It was nice while it lasted.... 16th March snow - smaller-Large 540p.mov
  4. ....and blowing from a different direction than this morning.
  5. Likewise, but finer and blowing around a lot more.
  6. Sleety mix here and distinctly soggy. 8cm on the ground, and milder now at 0.8C.
  7. 0.5C and fairly light snow. Steady though, with 5cm lying.
  8. Here's hoping. Good luck everyone! PS - assuming folk are still interested in snow in March I certainly am!! That said....I'm supposed to be driving up to Mar Lodge on Sunday for the summer season. I REALLY don't want to have to drive the long way around.
  9. 1.8C now......and annoyingly we're out of that blob just as it was starting to settle.
  10. Foul out there. 50mph gusts, horizontal white blurred lines and a -5C windchill.
  11. Very sad news from the Ben but yes I agree, as when I was younger I occasionally did exactly what you are suggesting and headed out in poor conditions. As ever it’s unwise to speculate about what might have happened but the forecast for north facing slopes today was severe to say the least.
  12. 1.8C and snowing.....but not settling. Nice to see if nothing else
  13. The cold air sinks off the hill on those long clear nights, so we never get as cold as the surrounding areas. My car was showing -9C down in Kinross in that last week of January but only -3C up here. Similarly in December 2010 our lowest low was only -7C when everyone else was getting minus double digits. Cooler days though, generally speaking, so we have a much less extreme temperature range between minima and maxima.
  14. Really interesting to see the difference just down the road on the coast. I've added mine for comparison Oh, and days with snow falling / lying was the worst of the nine winters I've had up here. Just 8/8. The previous eight winters were 25/12, 18/10, 24/15, 24/11, 17/3, 31/32, 16/4 and 25/49 respectively. The only notable weather event of the whole winter was the freezing rain in December.
  15. Ha ha! Given there's no snow maybe I'll take up tree watching instead. I'm incredulous that anyone could release this version, content that it's an improvement on what was there before. Looks a right mess. I know folk don't like change but the feedback seems almost universally negative just now. Hopefully it'll be tweaked :-s
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