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  1. Snowing and 1.6C. Just had a rummage through the last eight years of weather station data I've accumulated and this year so far (1st Jan to 16th Mar) is the coolest I've recorded - mean temp of just 2C. Only 2013 came close at 2.2C, and last year was a balmy 4C by this point.
  2. FINALLY A GLORIOUS SUNNY MORNING!!!!! Been up the hill already today. The snow is rock solid but those south/west-facing slopes will be melting quickly now. Just wonderful after eight gloomy days. And there are skylarks absolutely everywhere.
  3. Is the sun out? 2.8C and still white up here.
  4. You can never say for certain....but the chances are excellent this year. Not only has there been shedloads of snow, we've had the occasional (and importantly, brief) thaw to the summits, which are needed if the snow in the coires etc is to compact and expel the air. Spring is looking cool as well, which bodes well. In other news......we have just this moment been dug out after six days stranded on the hill.
  5. I have glaciation taking hold on my road ;-)
  6. 0.6C and vertical surfaces turning white. Overall a net loss over the last two days but the road is still under 3ft of snow.
  7. It was 1.2C and sleeting when I got up an hour ago. Now 0.8C, snowing and settling. Bit up & down so far, this thaw.
  8. Absolutely! That's been the one thing missing that would have capped the whole week off gloriously. Can't beat snow 'n' sunshine.
  9. Snow's off here now. Got a level inch of that new stuff.....and now back down to 0.3C. Foggy out too.
  10. Oh and it's sticking to every surface, and the car windows are going white. Awww, I've missed our usual gloopy, sticky snow ;-)
  11. Awww, we only go and get our heaviest snow of the whole week just as it's starting to warm up.
  12. 0.7C and snowing. Like everyone else it's not amounting to much, but it's nice to see the bare wind-scoured parts of the fields and driveway finally looking white too
  13. This was our taxi yesterday to get down to the shop
  14. Well, we've just nudged over 0C for the first time since Tuesday afternoon. A notable length of 3 days and 20hrs, which is very unusual for here.....and narrowly beats March 2013 when we stayed below zero for 3 days and 16hrs. BUT.....not close to December 2010 when we had a run of 5 days and 3hrs from 28th November. Just read this back to myself.......ugh, sometimes I can't believe I know these things ;-) Anyway here's another pic from yesterday on the hill. What a beautiful sharp line of white. I love how snow can smooth out what is otherwise bumpy and tussocky
  15. People are rubbish. My better half stuck this on Facebook the other day, which kind of echoes what you're saying ;-) Sick to death of seeing townies on social media whining about there being no milk in the supermarkets. Get off your keyboards and out into the countryside and understand why the tankers can't get to the farms which, ya know, are usually in the middle of Buttf***nowhere and now under a shedload of drifting snow. The farmers are working damned hard in horrific conditions out here to milk the cows and some are having to dump thousands of litres a day because the tankers can't get through and the ploughs can't even get through the drifts on the small country lanes - priority for the hardcore clearing equipment goes to you townsfolk so you can jog along to the local convenience store and then moan about the lack of s*** on the shelves.