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  1. I would love to be... unfortunately I have a job to do trying to keep the public on the move!
  2. Is it safe to come out now or are we still bashing my employer (Network Rail)... dons tin hat and retreats!
  3. Well down here on the coast we had rain, then more rain. As the colder air undercut the front it turned to sleet, then wet snow but nothing settled. Now we have very light sleet again, all in all probably the best we could of got given the set up. At least now I've seen a bit of snow falling this winter.
  4. You and me both... but then we are both on the coast. I'm glad you said it and not me, I don't want to be accused of bringing all this negativity to the thread. Good luck to those further north and enjoy your snow fix.
  5. A rather sobering post from @Catacol in the mad thread... lets hope tomorrow/Wednesday and Thursday give us our snow fix because as it stands the prospects for February are not great... all subject to change though obviously.
  6. You could do well up there... it's us poor folk on the coast who will get all the cold rain.
  7. I hope for the sanity of the mad thread if nothing else they're right Sleety... but so far this winter the Met Office extended has been about as much use as a chocolate fireguard! Even a clocks right twice a day.
  8. Hmmm not so sure about that... down here it underplayed yesterday's and todays by a degree or two.
  9. And now the rest of the week looks like that may go a bit pear shaped too... The way our luck has gone this winter, you just know we are going to end up with a cool spring under a constant chilly easterly... 2 months too late!
  10. Yes I have accepted the fact all we will have is a cold rain fest... hopefully the folks further inland might see a bit of snow, but even that's looking debatable now too.
  11. I have been there, 18 Dec 2010... just as we got to the station the Mrs phoned me up Arsenal v Stoke postponed it could of been worse we could of been on the train.
  12. Correction... some of the South did all I saw was an awful lot of cold rain! Besides you look to be in a better position for Thursday/Friday... all subject to change of course.
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