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  1. Totally agree NWS every time we get an Easterly in summer I'm always thinking why now, and you can almost guarantee that the Azores or Euro highs disappears from our shores once winter ends... so frustrating.
  2. Boat teams deployed Jaywick & Maldon05/12/2013 @ 23:30Incident Number: 000000000 Ten boat teams have been deployed in Jaywick, alongside Gloucestershire and Hereford and Worcester fire crews, ECFRS' own Urban Search and Rescue teams and Police support. They are in position in readiness for storm water breaching sea defences. Ten appliances are in Maldon to assist Police and military in evacuating homes there after severe flood warnings were declared in that part of the County earlier this evening. And in Manningtree, fire crews are working alongside Police and Ambulance teams evacuating residents. At 23:56 hrs, crews in Jaywick report that the sea wall has been breached in Hillman Avenue. And in Mill Street by 00:09 hrs water was also coming over the defences.
  3. Flooding now in Broadstairs too.... much earlier than expected, and the Medway tunnel closed as a precaution.
  4. Don't forget Medway includes the Hoo peninsula.... and there is a lot of low lying/marshland around there. Trust me I used to live out on Grain...... for my sins!
  5. Flooding in Ipswich now.... primarily around the dock areas.
  6. Here it is...... http://www.medway.gov.uk/information/newspages/news/floodwarning.aspx Edit....... snap lol.
  7. You still have live updates on the news website though.... Have copied this from Essex County F&R, New potential flood areas announced Essex05/12/2013 @ 22:24Incident Number: 061213 Several new severe flood warnings have been declared this evening. They are: Manningtree Town (233 premises); Hamford Water/Walton back water, South Dovercourt (190 premises); Blackwater North (Heybridge Basin and Maldon) (2,106 premises); Maldon to Maylandsea (168 premises); Tidal River Crouch from Creeksea to Battlesbridge (1,458 properties); Paglesham, Rochford, Potton Island and the Wakerings (1,111 properties) and Tidal Stour Estuary (14 properties).