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  1. I prefer the parallel version of things. I know it only shows temps on there but you can get a good idea of what is probably happening.
  2. I wont pretend to know how it interprets the data but wouldn't it show a reversal if the PV temporarily shifted well off the pole before shifting back closer to it again? I always thought a full reversal is literally a reversal other than the odd mini core here and there? Wouldn't it therefor get confused if the PV was away from the pole interpreting the data as a reversal even though its just a shift?
  3. Im using a really naff tablet to view this but on here that looks like a displaced Strat PV towards scandinavia, although I expect its rather weak. I cant see much on here though!
  4. It started ok but it got more and more......"warm" as time went on! The seas were almost 4'c warmer than normal for a few weeks (mainly the English Channel) but in 2010 they were around 4'c colder than normal. It annoyed me because they didn't say that they were briefly 4'c warmer and then slowly slipped closer to average (although 1-2'c above still for a time). Like a lot of weather and climate related programs on tv now they neglect to show the "other side' and that things are quite well balanced out ie. if somewhere is warmer than average, another place is colder than average etc, and thi
  5. I don't think I can handle not seeing snow again this year. I have never seen a winter with no snow falling up on the highest hills here.....did that make sense? I think over the next few weeks the back side of some cold fronts may produce a bit of wintriness on the hills here, a bit IMBY-ish I know but its lonely on this lil island!
  6. On the 26th/27th Feb 1996 a Low was sat just north of Scotland and we had a SW airflow over the UK with plenty of snow showers. Even down here on the IOW the showers were snow up on the hills. The uppers were -4'c to -6'c in general. Ok not quite what you asked but it was a proper SW flow
  7. It isn't looking too good for Saturday really. If anything kicks off here I would expect it to be overnight on Friday and maybe into the morning on Saturday. Any time between 6pm and 9am could possibly see something.........possibly!
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