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  1. Ah no sorry, just checked. Updating now!
  2. Had a couple of these alerts today... but the radar (and my eyes looking out the window) says otherwise!
  3. I've just changed my password to one over 8 characters and it now logs in fine!
  4. Yes I am a monthly Extra subscriber though not yearly if it makes any difference
  5. Hi, I can't even log in - just tells me 'Error: Both username and password must be entered' (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1) Cheers, Steve
  6. Back to weather - love the temp graph from my garden today... guess what time the rain arrived:
  7. That squall line fell to bits as it hit here as per usual - was looking forward to some interesting weather. I've had my 4x4 a year now and still waiting for its first trip in the snow - I hope it comes
  8. Here it is! Feel sorry for the people out watching fireworks... at least the cat and baby might sleep now though!
  9. Still hovering about 5'C here in my back garden, no fog yet... Cat's been missing all evening though scared stiff somewhere due to the fireworks
  10. Miserable day here too - just over half an inch of rain and now under 8'C. At least the wind's stopped.
  11. Rain's almost here - the intensity seems to have weakened somewhat though... it always does as it crosses London PS: Hi all - been away from these forums for a good few months, thought it was about time to come back, especially as the weather's starting to get interesting again All that hot nice weather is so boring!
  12. Nothing like a bit of gardening to clear up the hangover! I've got cuts all over me from the rose bush monster though Seems to have become a touch breezier out so doesn't feel as warm as a few hours ago... just waiting for the sun to poke it's head out! Decided to check the state of the BBQ as we've decided to have one tomorrow and oh my god it's covered in mould and is vile! Obviously wasn't cleaned last time it was used many many months ago Got the old jet wash on it and it's fine now though Have a good weekend all!
  13. Cheapest chain of places to get a battery from is http://www.eurocarparts.com/ - bargain compared to the likes of Halfords! Wind's starting to get up here now, heavy rain seems a little way off yet looking at the radar...
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