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  1. VID_20210803_114304.mp4 Around 3 inches fell in less than an hour. The fast flowing water had large pieces of tarmac and even 3 parts of a brick trundling down the hill. Short clip of how things were after it had calmed down just a little. ... That was fun
  2. WOW WOW WOW. Extreme amounts of rain between Tenterden and Appledore. Fast flowing muddy water everywhere.
  3. Incoming! A dozen or so rumbles of thunder from this, though its gone quiet as it has got closer
  4. WOW. One of closest cgs ever witnessed, awesome positive shotgun boom. The storm out Robertsbridge way looks epic from where I am with a load of really low scud, almost looks as though its scraping the ground
  5. Can see the tops of the storms leaving French coast from where I am, lighting up nicely every so often. Hopefully they can build further
  6. Oooooh yes! A stunning bright lilac cg followed by shotgun thunder
  7. Rumbles of thunder for the past hour or so as the storm brushed past to my east. Also some weak rotation briefly on the back end.
  8. Distant thunder and flashes to my south. A little teaser before tonight's possible action
  9. Finally some heavy snow here after a a few days of light stuff. Had 6-8cm on some surfaces by the end of Monday with some small areas of drifting, closer to a foot of snow. A little melt the past two days leaving paths and roads clear, these are covered again with around a cm of snow so far tonight. -5.3c last night, expect to beat this tonight once the showers swing back north-westwards and skies clear.
  10. All snow here now, still rather wet. Slushy deposits on some surfaces. That wind cuts right through you!
  11. As others have been reporting - slowly making the changeover here now with small flakes starting to appear. Temps dropping painfully slowly right now, but it'll get there1.4c/0.9c Enjoy all
  12. WOW! Multiple loud booms of thunder here. Some nice pink coloured IC lightning too
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