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  1. Snowing lightly, a nice dusting of snow on top of the ice from the earlier freezing rain
  2. Just a couple flakes floating by now. A number of other local school have decided to close today due to expected snow later today.
  3. Light snow in Hawkhurst, It's freezing out in the wind!
  4. Hoping to squeeze an inch or two today, both local schools have already made the decision not to open until Monday. Have a nice day everyone, and if it snows, make the most of it! Temp: -1.3c (Down from +0.7 just over an hour ago) DP: -4.4c
  5. A second area of precip is developing over Eastern Channel, I wonder if this will have more luck pushing north. Light snow most of the evening here, left a sugar coating briefly. Pretty impressed with this cold spell - 3 separate periods of snow, 7 inches max depth and a low of -12c is pretty impressive for here.
  6. Light snow, getting heavier and dusting over the gaps left after yesterdays thaw
  7. 2 1/2 inches overnight, roads are super dangerous out there this morning. Temp: -11.7c!! Dew: -12.6c
  8. We've just about been on the southern edge of the Medway snow zone thankfully. Friends 5 miles north reporting 20cm after the last clump went through. Head south out the village a few miles and you'd be wondering what all the fuss was about!
  9. The last band of snow lasted about an hour and dropped another two inches here in Hawkhurst, everything covered. Lost an inch of snow cover during the day today, but topped back up at a respectable 6 inches now Temp: -4.2c Dew: -6.4c
  10. Just shy of 5 inches in Hawkhurst with 7-9 inches where drifting has occurred. Roads were really bad but starting to clear up a little more now. Wouldn't mind a couple inches top up tonight
  11. Heavier snow shower in Hastings, turning the roads white once more. Just a dusting of snow in general, but I do have a two foot inch drift on my window ledge! Around an inch of snow back at home in Hawkhurst.
  12. Light flurry in Hastings currently. Good luck to everyone looking for a covering this week!
  13. Couple of flakes mixed in here with the heavier burst which went through earlier. Been just the wrong side of marginal so many times this winter!
  14. Sleety/wet snow shower in Hastings just now
  15. Whiteout in Hastings, as can be seen on the seafront webcam right now: https://www.beaming.co.uk/company/hastings-pier-webcam/