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  1. Family been stuck on the A21 for the past 3 hours. Seen on twitter that some have not moved an inch for 5 hours or more, not nice! Almost 6cm in Hawkhurst, Kent, but a slow melt has commenced since the snow has turned lighter. Highways England reporting that a number of trees have also fallen down along the A21 from the weight of snow
  2. Just over 5cm in Hawkhurst, Kent. Still coming down heavy. People starting to get stuck out on the rounds in the area.
  3. Rained all day and lost all of the 3-4cm we got overnight. Started snowing again this evening, currently at 3cm and still coming down fairly heavily 🙂 Hawkhurst, Kent
  4. 2cm here so far, still snowing moderately. Hawkhurst, Kent
  5. Close to a centimetre here now, it's a start! Hawkhurst, Kent *Someone just stole the energy from my yellow blob, it's now a dark blue one 😣
  6. Light snow here, starting to dust everything in white
  7. Starting to ease off here - Hawkhurst, Kent. Everything white barring main roads. Got a cm or two on some surfaces, it's better than nothing! Looking forward to Thursday.
  8. After drizzle pretty much all day, we finally have snow here. Settling on cars and grass quickly. ☃️
  9. Torrential downpour here, occasional flashes lighting up the sky. Second small storm of the day, can't complain
  10. Half a dozen rumbles here in Hawkhurst, Kent. Heavy rain just starting
  11. Beautiful monster of a shelf cloud hit Kent coast just now, with a real sharp turquoise colour behind. Not too much t+l, but a couple of huge cg's. Winds 40-50mph as it hit.
  12. Half a dozen rumbles of thunder here as a storm passes just to the east. Also managed a few raindrops - wonderful, fresh smell in the air!
  13. What a great show that was! Almost 2 hours of CG's and loud shotgun thunder. Plenty of surface flooding in the usual places around the area. A lot better than I was expecting Managed to capture a couple pics on my phone, not the best quality - must invest In a decent camera soon!
  14. Sat neat dungeness watching cgs dropping from the sky pretty often, some lovely, deep, booming thunder too!
  15. Two more cells have passed through here recently, both producing thunder and lightning. Another just about to hit