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  1. Makes a change viewing a distant storm to my north instead of to my south! Haven't used any fuel to see these distant flashes either - BONUS!
  2. The lightning seen on the RH&D railway webcam is likely facing north. Dungeness and the Romney marsh area is very flat and will have an unrestricted view
  3. Big increase in flashes now, as others report. Easily 30+ per minute at times, so a lot more than detectors show. I'm going to head Hastings direction to get a little closer
  4. It's pleasant enough viewing along the coast, though moving very slow and still a fair way off land. As others have said, it's expected to largely die away. Personally hoping eastern cells can maintain themselves, I'm easily entertained. Activity increasing.
  5. Currently sat in Dungeness, Kent. Plenty of CG's to be seen, although it's still fairly distant. Closer bolts lighting up the clouds In the cells developing on the eastern side. Also some fairly strong, refreshing winds when a weak shelf cloud came over a while back.
  6. Decided to head down the coast to watch the storms in the channel. Flickers of lightning every 3-5 seconds, with just the occasional distant cg to be seen along with faint, distant thunder. Much better than trying to sleep in this heat amd hopefully just a starter
  7. Just got in from a great chase between Hastings - Dungeness. Started along Hastings seafront watching distant cg's out to sea and headed east as new cells fired on the eastern side. Some wonderfully vivid blue bolts as I drove eastwards before stopping at Dungeness where I heard what I believe was hail roar for the first time! As the cell hit hail 1-1.5cm bounced around me with close cg's and booming thunder. Some awesome skies around this morning, the colours and textures were incredible.
  8. Several long rumbles of thunder and heavy rain here (Hawkhurst, Kent) ?
  9. Lovely little storm here. Small hail, gusty winds and around a dozen claps of thunder so far ?
  10. Nice to see some instability, though it seems any storms will now be to my East should any form at all
  11. Occasional rumbles of thunder over the past 20 minutes along with some gusty winds. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait too long for some big summer storms to come our way!
  12. Large variations between models with rainfall over the next couple of days. Euro 4 being one the most extreme with some intense downpours showing tomorrow morning across the south east. This leading to some very large rainfall totals. Worth keeping an eye on!
  13. Storms fading away from my area now. Lasted a good 2 and a half hours, a nice bonus on top of the storms yesterday evening ?
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