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  1. Large variations between models with rainfall over the next couple of days. Euro 4 being one the most extreme with some intense downpours showing tomorrow morning across the south east. This leading to some very large rainfall totals. Worth keeping an eye on!
  2. Storms fading away from my area now. Lasted a good 2 and a half hours, a nice bonus on top of the storms yesterday evening
  3. Near constant thunder and flashes in all directions. 3rd round of storms
  4. Moving about between camber and dungeness. Very strong winds right now, must be close to 50mph.
  5. Another nice cg caught No! I wasn't quite ready after posting the cg and got my thumb in the next shot!
  6. Frequent thunder and lightning from what's hitting the southeast currently. Some really gusty winds along with it too, I'd guess 30-40mph. Managed to capture this cg
  7. 4 hours of thunder and lightning - pretty frequent at times, pea sized hail, flooded roads and a medium sized tree down across the road. It wasn't a bust everywhere, though a lot less widespread than first expected. Still a few warm months left of the year yet, folks!
  8. I've enjoyed today's storms just as much as last weeks! Not the constant flashing, but still multiple strikes per minute and the thunder has been far superior. Certainly another memorable event, personally. Some awesome cloudscape as sun rose and now enjoying vivid lilac cg's from the southern cell which is just coming ashore
  9. Not the best storm for lightning viewing, but a lot of it is being masked by the low cloud, mist and rain. However, this thunder is really making up for it! Finally a flash of lightning which has lit up some structure, and wow! A huge pronounced shelf cloud just out to sea - will likely bring some fairly gusty winds with it
  10. Currently in Hastings. Lots of low cloud and mist out to sea with the occasional flicker of light. The rumbles of thunder are great, real deep and lasting forever
  11. Been out since 10pm last night. Watched lightning from when I left right through to 4am. Came across a small tree down along with several medium sized branches - winds were pretty gusty on the leading edge of the first storm. Also a small landslide, leaving a couple of large rocks in the road. A brief break and the next storm is nearing once more
  12. Anvil crawlers all over the back of this thing. Some pretty impressive flooding in the Hastings area not long ago.
  13. Several rumbles heard here over the past hour. Heavy rain just starting.
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