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  1. @edo I was surprised to see the snow & how much was lying this morning. It’s more like slush now than snow ? Never thought I would say this but I hope this is the last of the snow. I would like some dry & warm weather for a change. ☀️?
  2. @TinyTim agree best snow showers we've had this winter. Wonder if the cold from the east will return again before the end of the month?
  3. EFB Part 2 surely it won't be as bad as Part 1? ? if it is bring it on?❄️
  4. Today we had shower to left & showers to right of us Perth stuck in the middle with nothing again! ? @edo @over_the_rainbow I really hope we do get one big hit with 10cm of snow ???❄️
  5. @edo I gave up. See we got a bit more but not the amounts I wanted. Looks like we are stuck in the middle of two showers bands again! ?
  6. @edo snowing here (broxden) roads are white again & footprints all covered up with fresh snow?? New target 7cm ?
  7. Yip @TinyTim ? I hoped to beat 2010 but looks like we're lucky to get 6cm at the rate ?
  8. @CatchMyDrift any chance some of that 20cm heading in our direction as well ?
  9. Thanks @over_the_rainbow Let's hope we get more ❄️❄️ tonight ?
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