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  1. Would we see any snow for this set-up? or dry & cold 🤔
  2. I hope we all get some snow next week, especially Perth 😄
  3. Could some please explain the fax chart?
  4. Still snowing, but coming to an end looking at the radar, front is starting to peter out.
  5. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Still cloudy here in Perth, not looking like it wants to shift
  6. Scotland - Weather Chat

    I see the Perth snow shield is in full working order tonight
  7. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Aww we can't catch a break I WANT SNOW
  8. Scotland - Weather Chat

    There was talk of an easterly feature at the weekend? I'm not sure if it's still showing on the models this morning as they are all moaning about possible breakdowns in the MT
  9. Scotland - Weather Chat

    My little girl told me, she is so excited as she really wants to go sledging tomorrow. I hope we catch a few more showers
  10. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Aww showers keep missing us
  11. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Yip heavy show, hope it starts to settle soon
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat

    I'm stil hoping to see some snow at some point over the next few days just enough for my wee monkeys to get the sledge out. I've given up on getting a snow day, I think we'll need snow like 2010 for that to happen
  13. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Awww just seen New York could 20+ inches of snow I was in New York 2 months ago why couldn't of this happened when I was there damm it
  14. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Now that's what I'm talking about
  15. Scotland - Weather Chat

    sleet now, thought cold temp would hold until later?