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  1. Lashing it down with rain in the south west of Peterborough!
  2. Thanks sweety! Nice to be back! Still not managed to get the council to install a lampost withing viewing distance from my couch but I shall provide reports when the time comes x Hopefully you don't mean that Im cold and frosty hehehehehhe I'm just a snow whore really hahahaha xx
  3. Went up to Edinburgh this weekend... didn't even get any snow up there so little chance down here!
  4. Still a non event here in Peterborough, just pouring down and a bit blowy. Certainly nothing extreme IMHO.
  5. Worst rain ever - Horizontal Icelandic rain! That stuff HURTS!! Light rain in Peterborough at the mo. Still as windy as it has been most of the day
  6. This should be interesting. We have a whole load of trees behind us and even in a regular wind it sounds like a bit like the sea (weird I know)! I shall try and record some sounds later as I will imagine it will sound like a tsunami
  7. Some good winds in Peterborough! Blew last nights pizza boxes out of my hand as I went to the bins!
  8. Ooooh, it's time for me to wake up from my summer hibernation ;)Good evening all! Hope everyone is safe and well!
  9. Has a twinkly bush! :D xxx

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    2. NorthNSW


      Oh dear, haha.

    3. meltz!


      lol hope you trimmed it first

    4. Mrsf16


      It's a very fine bush, all the neighbours have been admiring it today after hubby decided it was perfect enough to show off! x

  10. Will it, won't it and when!!! xxx

  11. Has got a little bag of ball pit balls (about half a bin bags worth) if anybody wants them? xxx

  12. tired and aching but we are in :) xxx

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Hope you will be very happy in your new home :-) x

    2. Mrsf16


      Thanks hun :) Finally got some connectivity, life is good again lol!! xxx

  13. Royal mail - What a load of incompetent tossers!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

    1. Aaron


      Very true, takes me about 10 hours to pay £1 postage fee

    2. Mrsf16


      LOL LN!!! Where have you been hiding?? xxx

  14. lesson of the day... Never underestimate how stuff you have in your house! xxx

  15. How's Leicester looking Andy? xxx

  16. For those of you in Peterborough that hate the snow; it's probably best you stay away from the windows tonight and dont go out in the morning! Looks like this is the beginning and there will be heavier snowfall later on tonight. I, however, will have my face pressed to the window for as long as is deemed sane! xxx

  17. Has anyone got an electric heater or 2 I could borrow? Gas has been capped inthe new house and won't be recomissioned until Monday and it's cooooold in there! lol xxx

    1. andy_leics22


      I have one of those convection heaters that I haven't used for a while, you could borrow that but it's a bit of a trek for you to come for a heater! lol

    2. Mrsf16


      Awww, thanks anyway Andy!! Hope you are getting pasted my friend!! :D xxx

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