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  1. Lashing it down with rain in the south west of Peterborough!
  2. It always skirts around Peterborough
  3. Thanks sweety! Nice to be back! Still not managed to get the council to install a lampost withing viewing distance from my couch but I shall provide reports when the time comes x Hopefully you don't mean that Im cold and frosty hehehehehhe I'm just a snow whore really hahahaha xx
  4. Afternoon all! How's things? Get tired of the spring like feel in the air, where's winter!?!
  5. Went up to Edinburgh this weekend... didn't even get any snow up there so little chance down here!
  6. Aaaaand blue skies peeping through in Peterborough
  7. Sorry, this was an IMBY post. Hope everyone is ok in your area.
  8. Still a non event here in Peterborough, just pouring down and a bit blowy. Certainly nothing extreme IMHO.
  9. Just rain and light breeze in Peterborough. Hope everyone is safe x
  10. That's very humbling and a little bit scary
  11. Worst rain ever - Horizontal Icelandic rain! That stuff HURTS!! Light rain in Peterborough at the mo. Still as windy as it has been most of the day
  12. This should be interesting. We have a whole load of trees behind us and even in a regular wind it sounds like a bit like the sea (weird I know)! I shall try and record some sounds later as I will imagine it will sound like a tsunami
  13. Some good winds in Peterborough! Blew last nights pizza boxes out of my hand as I went to the bins!
  14. Ooooh, it's time for me to wake up from my summer hibernation ;)Good evening all! Hope everyone is safe and well!